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By Walter Egan

Going home many years since I've been gone
On my way dreamed a scene of yesterday
Days when we lived at home

Memories once these
4 a.m. comes awful early, and I was dead on my feet
But if you gonna catch a biggest fish
You gotta lose a little sleep
Well, I pack my gear
By Supe Granda and Walter Egan

I've got a leaky ceiling rain keeps pouring on my head
This old house of mine's 'bout run out of time
I've got
And this a lullaby

Come on now
You know my flow I'm in and out
Non-guilty I ain't gotta buy the trout
Couple a critics but I ain't gonna stop now


By any standards, a bizarre reunion!

Is being homeless affecting your game?

I wouldn't know, as I have a home in England.

No, by a home
come through
See, I just wanna fuck you
And you just wanna fuck me, our secret creepin
Know a nigga got a hoe
And she got a home, that she gotta go
the extra-terrestrial rappers go home 'cause they have to 
Them marks be callin' Ork, come in Ork, Nanu Nanu 
The perfect stranger, comin' in to a, fuck a new land
Feel my nature rise, blood shot red eyes
Waitin' in your back seat, catch you by surprise
Situations and circumstances make you take them
global  fucking domination in this rap shit 

Word is Bon Jovi

Yo, whattup, yo.. you know how me and Ruck go 
Worldwide Boot Camp with smoke by
on a freestyle, like Walter Payton
Or Gary Payton the glove I show love, I ain't never been no scrub
Nigga every time I wreck a tape, them boys be like Flip come