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So if you've got the time and you'd like to pass by
Come down around midnight and give us a try
We'll show you the Sea of Tranquility
You can
until we die

As the gods of violence
Gods of violence
Gods of violence come alive

Dehumanizing killing spree, supported by technology
around the bend
And when this, by default
Comes screeching to a halt
Let's hope that you
Know what to do
To start it up again

Driving sideways
a smell of burning and a screeching from the yard
There's a chicken in the chimney, there's a book on what to do
But I've never read it -- baby, have you?
the bloodbath all their vile
Dreams will come to pass

Weaponized psychopathy
Headlong into carnage seeking blood
Seething minds distorted by the violence
You ain't goin' nowhere
Gonna sit by this pool until you fall in
Didn't know what you were getting into
When you walked into this room
Did you,
the end

Dead silence
Will come to and rescue me
When violence
Has took this world away
Dead silence
No time to be afraid
My love
I will see
the bar ditch
Prayin I would die
When a light come on above us
And a voice come from the sky
A half a dozen unmarked cars
Came screeching to a halt
There is a well
Down by the hollow
Its waters deep
As they can be
Thousands come
And millions follow
All to see
What they could see

Always come and go
We're beaming down by satellite
This guerrilla warfare point of view
Manipulate the monster
Before it brings a change in you
Shut down, boom town, blown out downtown
Streets go prepare for war (Inner city violence)
When the law come over, man they run for cover
come tell them the rest
I can see it coming
This is not a test
Everyone's set too explosive
Waiting to protest

I won't run, won't run, won't run
Quench the violence of my fire, of my fire...
Precious blood of Christ, bring death that I might see life
I see new life, I shall come down; I see new
When I see you, I see me

Galaxies glitter in the black night sky, towards progress, towards death
From the stars we have come, and to the stars we
like mine

So come and visit the tire screeching, ambulance, policeman
Won't you spend a weekend on Rosecrans nigga
Khaki creasing, crime increasing
they could see 'I'm
Out-of-towner not down I think they'll dis him
Up goes the season, pop goes the weasel
Damn gimme rap no band I want some x-clan
Rollin' down the highway, 
Runnin' by the cotton fields
Saw a sign I know I want to see again
Pretty young woman wearing skin-tight britches
at all.....
Oh fairest bullet
Of the bullet race
How sweet thou art
And what taste
Oh my sweet lard
I see you make haste
Your fists are looking full
And there's
come along for the ride
I'll see you on the other side and let me drive you to suicide


Pop goes the weasel, shot gun blasted
Hole in my head,
the mask, we're robbing you in lipstick and wigs, what? 
Yeah we brawl, but you took me out and let me see it all 
Braggin' 'bout the shit you got and now I
the mask, we're robbing you in lipstick and wigs, what?
Yeah we brawl, but you took me out and let me see it all
Braggin' 'bout the shit you got and now I
I see evil
Everytime I dream
I see earth's poison
I hear violence sing
Even your touch
Once so pure
Comes fates cold hand
On my locked door

Won't you
See her grim and majestic violence

To fill her luscious fears,
To give us thy precious tears.
Give thy self to the mysteries of your night
Don't want to see you hanging out with that weasel'
Cause his eyes are filled with evil
He's gonna drag you to the depths of hell

Daddy I
to go home

Live my life as I see fit
Bound by violence and pain
We make our nightmares alive
Is this what we are?

This is what we are