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Comprehension of my colloquial
This is up for no debate
It's not a novel social situation
Reliability I expect
So say it is so then we're clearing the check
you next to my dear
Cool crystal waters inside colloquial doors
Take my hand and we'll ride down to
The bottom of the ocean floor
We'll fly so high into
eat it

Nothing in the world sweeter than
English, colloquial, Bajans
It's sweeter than meat
When you want to eat
talk to a lot of people with the large vocabulary
Colloquial language I'll use that's secondary
And then there is slang and I would use that third
closed doors
Are there no interesting people left on this earth?
Anyone that could possibly be worth 
More than a five minute flurry of colloquial hooks
so tantalizing
In the midst admiring
It's defensive firing
For colloquial confirmation
At the start of our conversation

You can't go too far in this
subordinary lands
I'm a scientist in the laboratory and
A mental patient with extraordinary plans
I'm opposed to colloquial dialogues
My speech comes off
and hope

History frozen - comin' from somewhere else
The clicks of your phrases are tricked by themselves
Colloquial quiz - a steam whistle sounds
An anchor
expect some open ears, colloquial when flowing
When I wrote the lyrics and half the folk I talk don't even know me

If it's a king of the coast then come
closed doors
Are there no interesting people left on this earth?
Anyone that could possibly be worth 
More than a five minute flurry of colloquial hooks
been done
They lied when they said there's nothing new

So said the man with no jaw
Broke forth in a sprawl of colloquial folklore
He spoke in a drone
the tribunal
Like a locust separated from the swarm
My pleas so mute and colloquial

I wish to bargain, return what I bought
A simple merchant turned unethical
until I zone
Look at yourself and try to be all alone

Try to explode, try to explode
Colloquial disaster movement you know
else's dream 
10 years clean 
Resurfaced as a primo god damn Al Pacino 
Crime not my wave 
I'm all about goodness these days 
Tied to the colloquial, my
over her skin
But that's my bitch, I say it in colloquial sense
I mean no diss, so we don't need no shit 

And if you wanna know the meaning nigga denote
mutually assured dysfunction 
As it bursts at its colloquial seams
And I pray that the heavens rain upon us 
And bring with them a fury that pulls us
brutal in all my tunes 
Even though my music is futile, it's all I do, so 
I woke up and wrote the dopest colloquial and raw rhythm 
Bored and recording,
Colloquial speech impediment sediments the medicine 
Of ignorance persistent in the pressuring of underlings 
Meandering methods of thinking while
The situation calling for this tip ain't hypothetical
Something that has changed your life forever stands in front of you
And not for better
of my ilk
Who make learning an engagement with colloquial language
Unlike you in ivory towers

They called me a disruption
I don't know what that means
a chrome-studded colloquial faux thug 
These folks wouldn't know ruckus if ruckus was known fun 
These fuckers just flow tons of this rubbish and blow blunts 
No, I
colloquial hope's out in the open
You don't bottle, you own it and hone positive focus
Unknown, often alone but you're so confident
You're dope rocking
for every unit you sold 
Your plaques corrode when I collage colloquials 
At first the buzz was local but now the nose grows like Pinnochio 
No lie, no
Paradoxical vision, mind's imprisoned
Rain on my terrain
Colloquial tongue coming in my ears
Hedonistic pain

Don't shed a tear
Please don't

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