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Depth Charge  


From your inside chest
Your heart it collapses
From the depths, the pits , the gutters, the shits
That make you scream
Scream, scream, scream,
world again.
When you spend time all alone
You will come to see the depth of your faith
In the almighty God.

I am frozen inside, let me praise
but ingress to its concealed depths was denied me by a partial collapse of the age old edifice's stone ceiling. Excavation is evidently impossible, lest
rap definition is a beautiful sight
I'm in depth, but I inject
Or relax, your index

My reflex'll rehash
You'll regret the relapse
My math is
out, burn out!

Fueled, these new shores burn, dark past lies cold
Shadow, my sweet shadow, to you I look no more

Another dawn collapses
Do I need to be
embarrassments to me now
Of the three things I find most shocking, the first is how trivial you are
The second is my depth of feeling; third, the purity of our
with niceness and flex the mental like biceps
y'all will collapse from stress if you're not taking the right steps
Insure your position in this hip-hop
[Celph Titled]
Straight out the red depths of Hell bringin clips and diseases
I walk on water with my own two feet nigga, FUCK JESUS!
Celph Titled's
and bold
Who'd think that perhaps 
Your trust would soon collapse?
Life and death as a whole under machines control

Tell me children, It's I who lead
All sights melt down and follow to the end of time
They had risen to the skies and sunk in depths of gray
I am woven into the eyes of everyone
collapse if we don't get sidetracked
If we visualize living underwater hidden by prisms
Countries fall but people transition if one for all we live in that

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