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You know these whodies be askin'
Uni Mack 10
Can I be your bitch [can I be your bitch]
Naw, you can be my ho
I put you on a track
Colder than flesh
Stronger than thought
I dance with the demon
And your dream ends dark

Hunting at night
Blood is my art
Red in sight
It's a dark time
Darker than all days before
Darker that all years before
It's a cold age
Colder than all days before
Colder than all years
material gain
Blood money, you got blood on your hands
Blood money, but still you make your demands
Blood money, you can't get any colder
Blood money, but
For everything around me which I experience is cold and dead
The blood of others are of a colder substance and taste
Therefore I must spill
We'll crawl body to body
Just like Siamese
Like Siamese

It's colder down by the water
And there's blood on the trees
We'll flow shoulder
Night again and somehow colder
Breath escapes in a crystal haze and I
Chase panic in the black of a whispered scream
As blood turns to crimson ice

the Horizon Far
They Reached the Shores Colder than their Own
A Whiteout Wasteland unknown to Time
And Nature Arts of Mother Earth
Raise Your Sword by
Just when the days start getting colder,
I walk the streets I never knew.
There's some words I never told you.
The sound rings out like the truth.
My arms are getting colder
It comes over my shoulder
Something I've never seen
I'm getting to be a machine
My blood stops to flow
My hand,
And I fell by his side, and that's how we died,
Clinging like kids to each other,
And I lay in the mud and the guts and the blood,
And I wept
Frost on the wheat grass

Frost on the sage

Frost on the aspen leaves

Steam on the lake

The blue autumn sky is turnin' colder by the day

to it
PARTY sent my jackas to it
Drama bring the Mac into it
And this scope will get your mouth washed when I attach it to it
Gold on my neck, I make
fresh ink on ya toe-tag

Young niggaz stay strapped

Through all four seasons, blood money be the reason niggaz triggas be squeezin'
Young niggaz stay
Lullaby (Mountain) by The Acorn
I, I will wash over you
I know your heart is true
Little Mountain of mine
?Cause the sun set down on me
You turn your
a stone crack dealer
Surrounded by monsters like mike jack thriller
Ride around strapped 'cause I might jack niggas
Smokin purple like a motha fucking nut
like a stream in flood
Swollen by the storm
He doesn't care if he sheds his blood
Let him be reborn

For the sea refuses no river
Remember that
he's like a stream in flood
Swollen by the storm
He doesn't care if he sheds his blood
Let him be reborn

The sea refuses no river
Remember that
older without you
And my blood runs a little colder without you

It's raining hard in North Virginia
Just like London town

Tales of screams from
They speak with the voice of grave
With a touch, colder than death
No man can ever defeat them
Black is the way they stay

Nine silent horsemen
When she gave me blood red roses
They were wrapped in razor thorns
She was sly in her temptation
Then she left me on my own
Such a cold hearted
Creeping up on you
Those scenes of devastation
Crushing down on cue
These days are growing colder now
The light is growing dim
August was a heavy
believe in hell
So save your god for someone else or save him for yourself
Feeling colder, feeling low
My blood still running, but running slow
Oh no, I
This can't be so all over
An end of my time i wasted
So much of my mind is racing
To the point of no return

Drown my sorrows flood my soul
the chalice to the night darkly seek to their own delight
Sacrifice to the only son saving blood sip it one by one
Cleansing the altar awaiting the prize