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Impractical Cockpit  


cockpit so fly
Pass by the heavenly gates
No he didn't
Yeah I did
Ain't it something though
Cause I ain't stunting bro
You niggas ain't worth fronting
cockpit so fly
Pass by the heavenly gates
No he didn't
Yeah I did
Ain't it something though
Cause I ain't stunting bro
You niggas ain't worth fronting
We have some technical difficulties
Wait a second
Acknowledged HQ

Cockpit this is commander
Commandor this is cockpit
Switch to channel 14 please
the drip on me I know you want it
I saw your bitch, and I know that she want me
She jump in my car and she broke the cockpit
Show your move, make it clap
우린 기내식을 먹어 in the cockpit[00:22.00]여긴 너무 좁아 lets go to the backseat[00:24.08]Man I love to see that booty clappin[00:27.02]Bring it down and then
Dans le cockpit du Falcon, je vais bientôt décoller
Des missiles sous les ailes mais c'est pour décorer
Té-ma dans le ciel, j'quitte le tarmac dans
start to look like a cockpit 
Roll thru get it
Flip it like a skillet
My windows tinted
And you don't see me in it
Put yo hands up 
Then drop it
Ok, ok I be seated in the cockpit
Young Flowz, 20.20 in my pocket
I ain't, I ain't need a car, I'm gon' walk it
If I'm needin' me some THC
I been going crazy you would think that I lost it
On my bullshit yeah I had to get back on it
I been staying fly sitting in the cockpit
This how I
Sinny fuckin' on yo ho' and ain't no way to stop it
Smokin' Panama Red next to the pilot in the cockpit
I been off of that bottle betta be careful I might
through history, 
Girl have the brain to act like the weaker sex. 

Down in the cockpit, 
Man need the woman to pull him right out of it, 
Down in
Was, Dicka? Moshpit!
Du schiebst Optik im Cockpit, 9-11, Moshpit
Trotz Kopfficks sind wir topfit
Hebt eure Hände hoch, das ist Moshpit
Was, Dicka?
higher than a cockpit (than a cockpit)
Bad bitch, she gon' throw it back just like a option (like a op)
Take care of my momma, nigga, I ain't got no
tight, baby, need a ride?
I'm the captain of this ship, so shut up and get inside (get inside)

Come on, climb into my golden cockpit
Love you 'till
She rubs her body and takes a hit
From the cockpit I am the plug
Yeah I brought the "hella" in the pit
"L'enfer c'est les autres" huh?
So move it, mouth
in the cockpit
Bitch I'm sorry but I never forget
If I gotta say it twice then you lost it
Coming from the deep end
Mother fucker just drop dead
What's up if you talkin shit
Fucking a hoe in the cockpit
I know you are a dumb bitch
Knife fight in the mosh pit ay
Mystery is my tactic
Misery is
step of my
2020 vision, boss shit
Eyes on the pilot seat the cockpit
This year I’m making upward progress
And big deposits of sums of profits
Birds in the trap
Sell it by the sac
Baby mama doing drugs in the moshpit
Wanna fly my dick
She in the cockpit
100 on the dash ain no stoppin
in the cockpit
Navigating traffic
Maneuvers in a fast whip
Aviator glasses
You know you the baddest (We fly on land)
We going up just like a rocket
Like I'm serving up hov
Locked In
Both feet set in the cockpit
Locked in
Going too fast I'm nauseous
Locked in
Caution, gotta start taking precautions
I'm in the cockpit of the hearse like where these youts at
I'm never rollin' on my ones i got a deuce ak
The way we runnin' round the city think its
My demons saying all they know, is torment
They been through hell, and they all deserve it
My life taken off, and I'm in a cockpit
Ain't tryna crash
so where the cockpit
I don't even want her, I'm goin up bitch
You know I'm stayin solid, I know you not bitch
I want the key to the city now where

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