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Listen folks and I will tell a funny story 
You may think it sad but I was in my glory 
'Twas a cellar I crept in, cobwebs brushing by my chin
me go
I think they want you to stray

Watch the monkey dance
Give 'em a taste
Look at him he's always smiling
Help me to escape
Your mouth agape
And I think I’m feelin you friend so let’s pull a switcheroo
Fucking you since 1 or 2
Out the door by 3 or 4
Who I share the dick with, shut yo
Take the darkest of the darkest nights 
Combine it with the brightest of the sun's bright rays 
And you'll see what I see in my head 
What I see
left you by yourself stuck up fucked up
behind them bars, the times is hard
thought you was smart
now you losing
jumping around the room giving
Left you by yourself stuck up fucked up
Behind them bars, the times is hard
Thought you was smart
Now you losing
Jumping around the room giving
A defacto choice of macro 
Or microcosmic melancholy 
But, baby, any way you slice it 
I'm thinkin I could just as soon use 
The time alone 

last song I ever wrote
I'd tell you to grab it by the throat
If this is the last song I ever write
I'll tell you to stand back up and fight
Live your
in the heatership
While they always dip
Left you by yourself stuck up fucked up
Behind them bars, the times is hard
Thought you was smart
Now you
is enflamed for the road that you paved
The role that played, in fuckin' up hip-hop
You owe so you paid, the fo'-fo' close to your brain
Closer than
Excuse me  excuse me 

I be the poetry man that was sent here by the WWBCC fanclub 

You called the number 1 900 GET DA BOOT and you asked

This guy I didn't know, walked up to me
But the closer he got, the more I could tell
It was the man they call Howard Cosell
The guy you'd see