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the wall
Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Royce Five Nine
Sick Sick Emcee
Here to filter the game
To let clips empty
Track master sound now
Well what we're dealing with is music, music, music
So many categories styles and ways that we've used it
To keep you in tune with the sound track
readin' Stephen King, Joan Collins ain't my thing
Whenever I got beef, I give [Name] a ring
I cool with Walter and Lumumba in an Aero Star
Yo Wise,
Probably cause I live by the art of for-keeps
I get indicted after my product's released
We a different form, a different centrifugal force
Every line is
I know ya bitches like mink and classy things
Holdin' karats by ya ear with ya prepaid rings
Gettin' called by a thug nigga flippin' them
When my blood start bubblin I get fystie 
Laced with cyanide 
hard education if somebody try to bite me 
Scratchy, flows come across hypely