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my own identity, buch respect to the
Winans and BeBe and CeCe, but we are Phase 2 gots to be me
God called us to reach a whole 'nother day and time
A lyrical knockout, showin' I got clout
My comp should just drop out
Cause none of them can see me
I leave em winan like their name was bebe or cece
I get
The Northern Lights get ya ass in a daze
Purple hydro, Indonesian skunks, you can tell by the funk

All we need is Fonzo' leaf or a blunt
Easy wad of bamboo, I
and players can't cause we ballin 
We can't be trippin, cause a player's pimp can't be fallin 
I leave em with the hurt like B.B. cryin like CeCe Winan
Yo, yo yeah
I go by the name of Cassidy
It's another Mario Winans exclusive
ATL, come on

Damn boo, you don't understand, boo
I'm just fly if I
you don't wanna do it)

Aye yo Fox quit the PP on niggas that is ricky
Have them cats whinin' like Be-Be and Ce-Ce, Ill Na Na
Pussy hot like
nothin... you're bluffin
But I'm callin your bluff to see if you're really tough
Show me your stuff... enough!
Shut up, close your mouth, put away your tap