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to rock

If Pinky grinned any harder
I'd swear he's pierce both his ears
The brothers non-stop pop around the clock
And the mirrorball,
it pierces my heart,
and I step forward
Every time I see them,
I feel encouraged
Something inside me is moved
by the people around me
At times I
Standing at the window
A farmer's wife in Oxford shire
Glances at the clock it's nearly time for tea
She doesn't see

The phantom in
Pieces pierce the flesh, another drops to the floor
Trembling words from years worth of damage.
Pick up the shards and slab.
Never an encouraging
miners an' the mail

Up the side a' Sunshine Mountain
By internal gas combustion
Eight Pierce-Arrow pistons pullin'
Fifteen thousand pounds a' lead
Carnival queen
All the ghosts lay by your side
Moaning, groaning songs of woe
Carnival queen
Your hair is on fire
Your arrows pierce my bones
Angels by my side

Still the light will pierce the dark
And the dark will steal the light
And grace provides these
Angels by my side
Now to reign regret
Wreaking havoc, near undoing
The trauma that dejects

Desolated mindful obstruct
Shattered scream to loudly erupt
under unknowin' eyes
It's for myself and my friends my stories are sung
But the time ain't tall
Yet on time you depend and no word is possessed
By no
to please.
Which was to please.
Now I want spirits to enforce, art to enchant
And my ending is despair,
Unless I be relieved by prayer

Which pierces
Lux venit lux venit
Lux venit sursum corda
Lux venit lux venit arise
Shine for your light has come
By sword by flame
In death solemn ages passed
Written by Billy Cox
(As recorded by Webb Pierce w/ The Wilburn Brothers)

There's a ramshackle shack
In old Caroline
It's callin' me back
wash you off my face
Hit me, I can take your cheap shot
Leave you with the love we made

I set my watch by street side clock
A needle in echo groove
pierce the dark with light
Only by the blood are we set free.
With mercy strong to carry shame
And nail it to a tree You alone
Hold the power to redeem.
Open up now
Let it all go
I'm quite certain
Say it ain't so
You're corrupted by some sick fuck
Oh no
Open up now
Head in the sky
Pierce the tongue that
I saw your face
Whiter the purity
Then I saw savages
Standing before me

Bows and arrows
Tipped with poison
Make tenderness please
Stand by my pillow
Spirits to enforce, art to enchant
And my ending is despair,
Unless I be relieved by prayer

Which pierces so that it assaults 
Mercy itself
happy at all

The clock on the wall says a quarter-to-three
I got people to see
Meet my friend Clive, start drinkin' by five
End up wishin' I weren't
Bite the thorn that pierce the skin
Come back down to earth again
The cold is creeping deep inside
You disconnect the telephone line

Gotta get
the time go? 
What do I have to show? 
Watching the time fly (go by) 
Watching the time fly 

Clock it counts my fears 

My time goes by so slow 
To come alive 
To come alive 

The entering is soulful conjecturing 
Oh, lost and by the wind-grieved coast 
Please come back to me again
is sinking
Weighed down by rational thinking light begins to pierce the distance
Solar dawn relieve the friction

Blue hours quicken the pulse
Blue was a color I thought I knew
But every kiss hits like a bullet
It pierces through
Sorrow likes the lines on your palm
I stood by as it
Sometimes I'm battle weary
I forget to use my shield
The arrows pierce my armor
And I stumble in the filed

A shield won't do much good if it's
on stolen
Souls some new theories

Through the tinted lenses
Of the mad doctor
A dark and vicious look
Pierces the heavy atmosphere

Is he a genius

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