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a nigga to jail
Cause they loving a freak

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section it be off the heezy
And my section's being represented by Lil' Weezy
What the deal
Way before Lupe, before OF
I've been trynna Ollie off the front porch door steps
Crept through Lynwood my city was not calm
Headed to South Gate,
By claiming God is on my side
When worlds collide, when worlds collide
When worlds collide, the virtuous

Will have to take the shuttle bus
But we
cannot be cured
Building armies burning down seizing cities all around
Smoke and dust and bodies rise victims taken by surprise
The living must be made
Watching Toy Story 3 that’s a great fucking movie
City of Jimi, Kurt, Quincy
City of me, Eddie, and Bruce Lee (whoa)
King of the road I drive
forensicles, surrounded by alternative tentacles
Extra-terestials step out of starships in pressure-suits
Claiming humans were created inside of test-tubes
and bloods
Crips and slugs, the trigger happiest thugs
Claiming the slums, and all the hoods that they from
Too much of the some, got it twisted up blinded in
Uh, got the whole city goin' crazy for me, whole world waitin' on me
Way I been recordin' lately, I'll be retired by the age of 40
Can't ignore me,
from what I've been told.
These city lights are killing ever slowly.
The sanity with in me.
Maybe I lost in my creation.
This isn't how I thought I
Check it,
I set it off by lettin' ya know I can flow to many beats
Similar to groove so freely
People say I'm gettin' kinda greedy, 
but so what,
mother was with me
some place judgment against me based on nothing but envy
they pray for my downfall like the song by biggie
born in the city which never
to be y'all
Your pockets is empty
Like summertime school halls
I'm worldwide trick
You're on the radio in one goddamn city
So check your crooked lip bitch
Wake the dead when we perform
We'll weigh more bodies and dead by dawn
Ill child, Black label Society
We Zakk Wyld on you bitches so live in fear
that would be left
See young niggas like me will break you off something
Claiming my city but, Dre, you ain't from Compton
Niggas like y'all is what I
forbidden this nigga get his written off
Hardest spit in the city y'all niggas spitting kitten soft
Confused and amazed shook up with your brain missing
smoked a gram of crack, but yo I'm dope
Mo' doper than a junkie or a Pooky cause it's on
So each one, teach one, I be claiming true
To East Point
Claiming they was wit' me when they know they really wasn't
I keep the city's best never said she was the brightest
So if you had her too it
inner city kid
(What!) Step the fuck back then relax
Rough is on a full scale attack black
Huh, I'm packing a full metal jacket
A bat, 21 guns
[Swel Boogie + Q-Unique]
We are the world, you claiming territory
That's our land so fix it
I don't want to hear the bitching and ah..
	Damn holdin
your fucking mouth.
Now fool what kinda move was that?
I see your quick to talk shit, yeah boy I'm quick to pull the gatt.
Claiming my city, oh what
remember (dnnah-dah)(dnh, duh, dnh, dnnah-dah) 
Not too long ago " " 
I went to a city " " 
And I saw a Wu-Tang show " " 
Now I always wanted " "
back to claiming benefits

I used to love money, but I don't no more
I got money that I don't count no more
I don't listen out for the drama no more
The real, for real , Rap-A-Lot Mafia Aaaaaahhhhh
It-wa it-wa it wa it was......
It was once said by your man who wouldn't quit
Stop bullshittin'
of the streets
Claiming elites, making sure my family eats
We roll and it flees, bunkin' niggas out of their seats
While mobbin' on beats, soon niggas can't
your mouth and got into it with some real ass niggaz
You landed in the "M" and saw your life was in ruins
By the way nigga, how your collarbone doing?

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