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Spread of seed
Over many expanses
It would grow regardless out
Of these behemoth's clutches

Claimants to the last drop
Patents block
now the claimant of my soul.

(a withering soul torn by this anti-polar mental integration. My divided mind a system split in two creations.
I strain
deceived I dwell in me
In the core of my agony I fade in this duress
I'm weakening the one who claimed my front is now the claimant
Of my soul

need payment
Straight cash I ain't no claimant
Never catch me I ain't paying
Life's a game, but we ain't playing
Stack it up , so it could keep raining
beatbox legs spin around
Dizzy from rap styles they the same most ones out
Mention this to clear the claimant wash em all out
Drip nasty don't have to get
the tomb is vacant
Here I stand a claimant with the blood application
Soldiers marchin and movin in step
Covered in the blood that paid the debt
of the Benefit Claimants

Or, probably foxes fucking
A couple out clubbing
Walking into a mugging
That D600's too nice for you
Plus you got nice shoes
So ya gonna
Send your armies
We pick death over servitude
You will see
It can be taken but never held

The Kingdom's crown
Lays unclaimed
Under a bridge
Turkish dissent, but hates immigrants
The only thing he hates more is benefit claimants
He'll lie in the street, he'll lie to the state
The suffering
your soul 
Compile all lies 
That fester from their truths 
All they have wanted 
Were claimants for their noose 
Ever mounting pressure 
To change who
getting impatient
Feeling this rage
I'm owed a payment
I'm taking this claimant
I'm feeling complacent
An overstatement
Put me in containment
the meaning
The name we’re claiming
Claimants bailing overboard and their drowning
I feel the fever of the hunt and no fulfilment 
I’m blindly flailing
claimants got her feet reclining I can paint it vivid 
Yo nigga hoe and I just keep player 
Big pape in my jeans pocket greener than a seven layer 
The decrying claimant sought
Thus falls a King of mind so just
To folly bequeathed amidst the scenes of my mind's sour choleric feast

Disruption claims my heart
The claimant change is really nothing new
I'm still lost 'cause I got something to do
I can figure out on my own time you were always late so you're never

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