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Lo chipero lo chipero
Lo chipero tu no ve el civic
Lo chipero lo chipero
Lo chipero tu no ve el civic
Lo chipero lo chipero,
Lo chipero tu no ve el
Chow Mane, serving dumplings out my Civic
No discussion if we ain't talking 'bout business
Aye, shoutout Lucy Liu, she can get it
I got chickens,
De pasola me compre un civic
De un civic pasamos a jeepeta
El menudo siempre lo regalo
Ahora que sobran las papeletas
De pasola me compre un civic
Can tell a nigga get it
Live it how I live it
In da trap with my trap car Honda Civic
I just wanna kill it
Tell her I'm a kill it
Got a bad
Fünfzigtausend Teile transportiert im Honda Civic
Vakuum verpackt die Scheiße, weil ich kenn' kein Limit
Kokaina-Tester, stech' da rein mit meiner
and clap ass
I race a Bentley in civic
Honda for specifics
A broke boy been doing the dash
I push like a rari in civic
Swerved a curb and clipped
I been ridin', ridin', ridin', ridin'
Round in a 2002 Honda Civic
You and all ya
better tuck ya chain
Hop in the civic and yo bitch look good in it
Hop in the civic and windows yes they tinted
Hop in the civic going hundo in a 60
Ask me
You dig that, then I'm with it,let's kick back in my civic
I'll watch the road in a minute 
Cruising, we could let it go
Riding till decided if our
Frizer robię co muszę a głowa paruje jak
Tinder ciągle coś kminie i Civic zamienię na (po po po)
X6 rzucam tematem od zawsze jakbym był (łaj)
Paty você quer foder com os pit
Quer andar de Honda Civic
Paty puxou minha camisa de time
Quer beber do meu copão de whisky

De trezentada tô furando
Came from nothing to something 
Got the whole function jumping 
Ride around in my civic 
Tell ya main chick to jump in 
Cuz I can
Cuz I can 
Cuz I
I’m like a Rari, you like a Civic
I need to count up my digits
Shorty she all in my business so I hit the bitch with a pivot
Fuck all the talking,
Ayo Judan
Show em how you get down bruh
Now da fuck we comin nigga
That TVI shit
Run It Ha
Ridin 4 deep in a civic (Yeah)
Bih I buss my choppa
Shit cracks, shit goes
All reason out the window
Shells drop, bells rock
Bass jumping out the Civic
Gather troops, grab the booze
Roll deuce, niggas
I could tell that ya vibe was different 
Ride wit me baby lets get it
Remember when I used to trap out a civic 
I had to run up a ticket 
Look at me
We whippin' in the '05 Civic
I'm just chillin with my dawgs everybody know we different
We whippin' in the '05 Civic
When we hop out do our thing you
caught me slippin turned my heart vicious
Wasn't with me in the civic cant ride with me in the bentley I really was trippin
Falling for these broke bitches
Look at my face I’m the man, ain’t thinkin of civic I need me a charter plane
I do what I want cuz I can, she comin' around again like holidays
Riding 4 Deep in ah civic
Bih I love my chopper 
Married to the game my Madonna 
Buss ah nigga like a coppa 
I ain't with the drama 
Pussy boy get
did it
I just whip it, whip it, whip it, whip it
We moving up from that civic
Whip it, whip it, whip it, whip it
Just countin up them digits
I just whip
bitches tryna get to know a nigga 'cause his digit
You a Honda Civic whipper, in my (in what?) chameleon (hey)
We should start a group and we can call it
our letters now
How could you have felt those things, packed up
And driven out of town

When every silver civic was your car
And I was gonna be
I'm looking for a girl that's fine
If I drive a Civic and she does not mind
Riding in it with the windows down
Cranking Steve Winwood loud next to me

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