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the roof, off the vocal booth
Put hoes back on the track cause they loose
No one a never come there
I have 'em going quicker than city of angels left the air
already gone mad, blames himself for his setbacks
Dangerous street corners where his sets at
Sling from dusk till dawn, detectives act like they maniacs
I'll knowck you skeezas pleasers black like Jesus
Never lost in the jungle
Navigators with caesars
Instead dare iz a dark side said by Red
Aesop Rock

Smack dab in the middle of the cuddles and kills, guerilla jimmy city limits with a bucket of pills hollring 'no I don't immediately
'cause I see the future livin grousome
Creep up on a snake ass nigga like an eagle
Sin City Dark angel
and forgive me for my sins 

And tell me, why do I deserve the twilight zone that I'm in? 

Somebody ease the pain I need a shot of novacaine 

Or angel