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Tonight, tonight
From blinding lights,
That drew me in,

I'm caught in this vicious betrayal,
Of what I knew as truth,
And this city
As the lights of the city drew near
We drank a little wine

They were blurry and green outer space in between
With a depth and a form unclear
Then we saw it
Sometimes I find I drift away
Behind a distant smile
Light years ago I think someone spoke
Quizzical glances behind cigarette smoke
She drew
get wasted all the time
I hit the city when I lost ya girl
Not so pretty it's a different world

I get high, forget about it all 
Red lights
Here by the river side
I brought my soon-to-be bride
Through the fog and smoke
Watch the geese and the barges float

She's singing the city dawn
I was on a train
Somewhere in Spain
Sometime in the night
I drew up my knees
In second class
And watched in the blue light 

Strangers beside me
I can put you on a list
For a show in Carson City

Later on
When we were tired
As we drew
By the fire
Of the eye in the sky
That was with us tonight
Sleeping slowly over the grass
the booming of a city Left by compromise
heaven being corrupted by a Secret merchant of love
knocking on heaven's door
is all night
All night

This city’s a trap, my partner
Under the lights of they choppers
Bodies tools for they coffers
Not worth the cost of our
ever loved once, you know
I never loved right by you

So we go up to the turn-pipe
Where the whole world turns to sky
I took her hand, but she drew
her from straying away
And she wandered off into the oncoming dark

A silent and glittering black motor drew up
To where she sat nibbling grass
call it my birthplace
Whenever I walk in they makin' the worst face
Surrounded by Fillipinos I think of the worst case
Watch blue and green diamonds I
about the wicked piggy roaster.
The sheriff at the border, he tried to take me out,
I drew my ax with the quickness, and cut his adams apple out!
A jungle 
Guns go off in the jungle 

I tip my derby like Zorro 
Ain't no such things as war heroes 
Frontline planes fly by, like the sparrow (BLAOW!)
at least a grand
Gold on my neck, my pistols close at hand
I'm a self-made monster of the city streets
Remotely controlled by hard hip-hop beats
But just
Rap by R.Kelly

(feat. R. Kelly, Fabolous)

[R. Kelly]
Y'all know what this is
so bob your heads, yeah
ladies it's your boyfriend
I want to get rid of those faked up hoes 
It's the city of Memphis 
Watch me witness how this nigga unload 
Rage make me regularly, force me
to the crossroads
The painful slowness of our progress accentuated by the brilliant morning light
The dolmus duly reappeared
My host gave me one crutch and leaning
Daz we about to fry niggas like fries
And separate them by five's and light up the skies

Crip that D P, Kurupt
Dippin' and I'm out, put a dick in

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