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of Vyrgothia: 
Darkly bejewelled circlet of night, Crown of the Elder King
Unfettered at last the Trinity of Might, the Sceptre, the Sword and the Ring!
there lay the Fair Elinor

On her head a circlet of woven gems
And a veil of silvery sheen 
On her hand there was a golden ring
Bound up in silk of green,
Some mold to serpents
Shed colors, and Perform perversions
Mirthless abandonment of earthness
Donning circlets
Of alien energy and beaming off
the connect
Realest one around
Oh you get it yet?
A circlet
Made it out the circus
Keep me from the clowns
All the jokin isn't worth it
I'm emerging
Flower from
golden throne 
For dead men slain in her name 
A circlet of raven's down on her brow 
Rusts from her tears, fallen like rain 

Ironically fortunate am I
vengeful ghosts unending 

Torn off 
Divine loss 
She throws off
Her mantle
Of verdance
For the circlet
Of bones
of Life
It is ripe with good fruit

With a circlet of gold
And a castle of ivory
And a sceptre of iron
He will uphold the prophet's hands
And the lands will
of wolves, circlet of night
I am becoming...
I am being...
[Chorus II:]
My gray wand is your Bout.
Your grandeur is my Time.
My sunray si your Beam.
Your splendor is my Turn.
My circlet is your Crown.
Your allure is
and tongues
Black circlet around your head
Hidden power radiating
You accept the end as we cry into spirals and void
Can't live without you but your comfort in
Our victory

Prolong the fight
Unknown our spears
Catch the wind
Unfurl the sky 

Bird of Prey
Oh circlet of sun
Move the Clouds
In you 

Bird of Prey
flesh from bone
In further mockery they crown him with a 
Circlet of thorns

Finally Pilate has him brought out hoping to 
Shock the crowd.  He says
For open are the goblets of despair
And the circlet made of thorns
Here, in the caves, where
The illusion and freedom fade

And from their hands

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