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By David Jones and Steve Pitts
"The circus is coming to town." it said on the poster.
"Get your tickets now, before it's too late."
A dancing bear
trajectory of David's sling to Goliath
Nor abundance of nouses accommodate my body weight
Circle 1-9-7-5 with
Instruments of vine and I'll
Dine the road
dick as her other cunt gets screwed 
In the process I got to get hot chicks nude 

The payback is cum in fools' circles if it's 
Those turnin'
Evil is after your soul, people smart with deceptions
Keep the sharp observation, allowing no infiltration
Of those you let in your circle
In the circle of hands
The dagger out was sacred
Placed into my hands over a virgin laying naked
When we learn how to harvest what we need it we
and trying to adapt
To the circles and hurdles and the craps, it's on map
Get the backslap and the "Everything's all right" lecture
Then in school BAM! sit
probably ever heard of me
Couldn't understand what I mean by ill
Unless you try to translate what I print to film
This is the line of will, the circle