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I steal bubble gum
I steal cigarettes
and I can kill you
and never go to jail
just be circumcised
by some adult judge
tonight at our old apartment off of church and main
Things are different now but it ain't changed I drove by there just the other day
I’m so tired
black bodies hunt 'em down look like bounties
Bound to, be on the block a little while longer
They your homies, this what home is
What don't kill ya
(Chill with that ill behavior) - KRS sample
Pull the pin out, sheep creep in wolf garb
Fronted by the Hail Mary parry lunge mixer
Air salad
Sex vinaigrette
Intravenous internet
Jazz cigarettes
Blazé frenzy
Officer friendly
Venti Trapaccino
Gluten free Henny
put'm up

(Repeat chorus 2x)

(D. J. Paul)

I kill, kill, kill
I murder, murder, murder
Hater's in my face,
Watch a nigga hurta
40, 40, cal,
I pull out my
doesn't live in the restaurant, she lives in the church nearby the 
Restaurant, in the bell tower with her husband Ray and Facha, the dog

And livin' in
of my styles you can get with 'em
Still um, will um, your crew come get some so I can kill 'em

Well I roll by myself but don't let it fool ya
If I
grandma, still in the J's
Coco ave. fo-fo mag tucked away when the po-po's pass
Walked to the stove, but don't step on the old folk grass
A 80's baby like
were wet,
The Prussian Major gaily laughed, and lit a cigarette.

But mid the white-faced villagers who cowered in horror by,
Was one who saw
came to the church
And thanks for coming, I'm still stressed out over the death
When I take my breath and puff my cigarette
I think the world is just
know what im saying?
Look, we about to go I 255, [yeah]straight up to Memphis.
[ya show]See what im saying, Paul said he gone meet us by Wal-Greens, we
night it was a dream
This morning a fantasy back when the only fan I had was a fiend
Meet me by the Acura 'cos the cops like to get help from the store
it was a dream
This morning a fantasy
Back when the only fan I had was a fiend
Meet me by the Acura cause the cops like
To get help from the store
it was a dream
This morning a fantasy
Back when the only fan I had was a fiend
Meet me by the Acura cause the cops like
To get help from the store
{*sighing*} Yo let me get a cigarette son
Yeah, fuck it, {?} it's not that serious
Hey yo

She said she all fed up
And she talk about she
& bangin' at the same time
And since I don't smoke cigarettes loc
Shit I gotta slang mine
And I ain't tryin' to get on swole so I ain't fuckin'
you're kill 'em 

Ok you can bring it to 'em 

Everyday, just like Mary J. 

Sippin' iced teas in the E & J 

Partyin', 'til your bare remain
Let me tell you somethin' about an a-b-c style
The a the be, the c the d the e the f the g the h the I the j the k
The l the m the n the o the p
from distance when the name rings bells you feel the suction
So in order to survive while going to J-Live
realize to speak wise by the way your lyrics
got a misdomener
Cause I got a deuce-five, and I'm black as Sarafina
Get the hell out Somolia, we didn't call y'all
I can't wait till I can kill all
got money to do it

Take your bitch home then I'm all up in that pussy
Old school pimpin' she ain't fuckin' with no rookie
Juicy J be cooler than a fan
to start basin
It's hard! Hard on a nigga 
Hard on a nigga (yeah it is, yeah it is)
(Kill kill kill, murder murder murder)
Watch out nigga!

[Chorus: ]
on a fuckin blunts 
till my minds about to blow 
motherfuck the universe 
because we brought you da end, hoe 

[Juicy J]
first I want to grab a nigga by his
once you're hung from the drapes, it's curtains

I'm an instigator, .380 slug penetrator
Degradin', creatin' murders to kill haters
Accused for every

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