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luck to go full throttle 

Out of luck 
You need a buck 
You're stuck right in the mud 
Less than brave 
You need a shave 
And you're one ugly chud
vampire blood
Underground chud, since a kid
I finger painted in the mud, with dirty work gloves

I'm in yo' college campus corridor
You should call me Uno,
discombobulated diabolical fool
Hog-flesh MC, go play in the mud
Another 20th century, modern day
Cannibal, humanoid, underground
Chud broke loose from
accord if weak you'll stray
Drug users are stuck in the mud
Another 20th century modern day chud
These cannibal humanoid undernourished dwellers
Others We Pay

Fight Back
No Mutual Surrender
Scent of Chud
With Infinite Spirit
We Never Give Up

Fight Back
The Alter of Truth Is for The Living
tell the boys peace
A couple otha niggaz we know from off the street
I would say they names but you prolly wouldn't know em
But I bet chu'd recognize
C.H.U.D. N***a
She say... 
"Slide in it boy" 
Time is no more
Dimes on the floor
She say you've been eyein' my golden decor (Uh-Huh)
I need to profit
You know, I would have felt better knowing that I did too much rather than I did too little...

C.H.U.D. N***a 

I'm on the grind, I gotta go...
There's no going back, and why would you want to - yeah!

This memory you've got fixed in your head
It's not as dishonest as the CHUDs but let's not

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