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Oh roots, hey!
Hey, roots
Rastaman party, hey
Rastaman party
Rastaman party

And me say
Steaming out, Chronixx steaming out
Fi har grandson Chronixx a she field marshall
If a dancehall school we a di principal
And a we a di real Microphone officials
Gi dem a new style
from, she tell me in the Tropics
She asked me what's my name
I tell her I am Chronixx
And I said girl tell me what's your name
She told me that her
We ah blaze up granja man
Man ah herbalist
Smoke good like mi name chronixx
Weed stash in mi damn pocket yea
Wi ah smoke good world wide
Granja man
yuh a d poor people governor
Mi a talk truth
Mi nah have no agenda
Big up Chronixx 
Protoje and Ms Jada
Shout out 2 Alka and Popcaan

D Penman dem
dem weh load bus dung a town
Unnu know seh Chronixx inna di area, get up stand up and jump
Ghetto yutes nuh have nuh fear, cause a love mek we
radical, borderless like inside of a studio apartment (Rrrah)
My ting bad I just might link Chronixx and try get studio appointment
Ano just now my ting shot
Chronixx said
Life is a dream if you got gratitude
The more you believe better life is for you
Keep the vibes high keep on rising
We gonna it make through
fling tax pon it
But a countless charge me tek when dog sniff out my chronic
Dem musi want me switch
Watch how me rise like chronixx
In a cloud of high
my yout
Skip and go round dem
Like protoje say me ago big pon di seen my yout
Skip and go round dem
And just like chronixx tell we say
They don't know
to this world and you killed him (killed him)
Chronixx now and you looking it
Steven Tones, Steven Tones naw
I gat a lot of things I wanna talk about naw
a thief

'Memba you tell me Teflon hate me
Then you tell Teflon, "Chronixx say, him hate him like a dose a poison"
(Don't believe you)
You wicked eh
And I say, alongside Chronixx, man called Dre Island
Oh yes!
Right at di beginning

Hear what me say
Dats why di streets getting hotta still
couldn't find it
Never know seh mi is a challis man
This a no recent thing and a no Chronixx one
It is a ancient tradition
It is a gift to the wise
Teflon na na na na na na
Zinc fence na na na na na na
Chronixx na na na na na na

Spanish town me born and grow
Whole heap a badman me know
Autumn, winter, summer, spring
An' mi no join the bagga long talking
We the one from puppah Chronixx and we ride the riddim
Grab up di
Chronixx run Spanish Town

Don't think I fit in at this party
Everyone got so much things to say
Right now me just a gwan hold a vibes and watch nobody
na, na, na-na-na (na, na, na Chronixx on the beat)
(Sekkle Third World cah you ah run the street)

If it wasn't for Rub A Dub we would be lost
formed out to be a fire ting
Now a pon stage wid Chronixx I a sing
Yeah you zimme, all Diggy soon gi di I a ring
Like "Hello Proto", him seh "Had
Fi Please A Guy Just a Be honest
A Nuh Hype Ting, Dweet Fi The Love Like Chronixx
Every Gyal Say A we have the saucedem a green forrest
Balmain ship
Kabaka Pyramid
The Sisters
Rita Marley
Judy Mowatt
Marcia Griffiths
So many others
Radio, Television, print, social media personalities
Fast paced like sonic
Or cotch and cooled back like chronixx
Ancestors from the stars and their skin tone onyx
Far from my optimum so I stay onit
nigga they know who done it
Long hair I look like chronixx
But trust no rastaman got sirloin all in my stomach
Think I'm farrah the way I run it
with a bit of sun?
I promise you my majesty, no Chronixx
My heart go boom like comics
So girl i need that honesty
Yes, I know I said you need me
I was

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