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Christen Marucci  


Christen them with paraffin
Sterilize Samaritans
Contravene loyal ties
Migrate them
Through the pesticide

They’ll strip you of your heritage
Der Heiland ist geboren
Freu dich, o Christenheit
Sonst wären wir gar verloren 
In alle Ewigkeit

Freut euch von Herzen, ihr Christen all'
could achieve
I'm coming cap-in-hand, begging you to listen
Something draws me in
And I just can't christen it, just can't christen it

Don't mix
could achieve

I'm coming cap in hand
Begging you to listen
Something draws me in
I just can't christen it

Don't mix your drinks
Don't mix with
And the light of a fading star
Is what you were, is what you are
Like the glow that christens the moon
You shone too soon, you shone too soon
got one book
To see me through my flight

But when I get to Paris
We'll paint all our portraits
In brush-strokes of yellow
And christen the canvas
to christen the day
A miracle had happened, as they sometimes do
A star fell out of heaven and turned out to be you
Make the incision
Careful precision
Blood minestrone
New life Christen
Fatty rolls of greed

Organ farmer, organ farmer
One that can rise above our kind that sinned like all my brothers
One that'll christen my eyes and bring me to my senses

Who will fall and who will
your soul

These are the words for another day
These are the lives I like to play
A girl found staring into outer space
Christen the stars that gave
christen me?
Come on now, christen me
To the foundings of the valley deep
Won't you christen me
And stake your heart on mine
To places, other times
noch ein Gott.
Der Allmächtige? der Herr der Christen.
Doch während dieser eine Glaube
Unaufhaltsam die Herzen der Völker eroberte,
Brannte der
christen her victory she'd make it


Come on boys, let's push it hard
You broke down, push your motor car
Come on boys, you done us

Nun freut euch ihr Christen
Singet Jubellieder
Und kommet, oh kommet nach Bethlehem
Christus der Heiland steht zu uns hernieder
Kommt lasset
nor in gold
But in a wooden cradle that rocks upon the mold

He neither shall be christen'd in white wine nor in red
But in the fair spring water with
secondhand device
If it takes us all night, nemesis' I don't want to fight
Brother Shot the alms,
Low light, christen up the noose and make it tight
dissolve and adhere, the grand retreat
Wither and lithe, simonize the bomb.

Goodbye to the century
Farewell to amnesty
Christen the sons and daughter
Grund verschieden
Doch a Herz schlagt in an jeden
Und des Bluat is immer rot

Net nur schwarz oder weiß
Mir san Muslime, Juden, Christen
Und beten
God in my car
Get it at sea
Take a ship
I'd christen her victory, she'd make it


Come on boys, let's push it hard
You broke
God in my car
Get it at sea
Take a ship
I'd christen her victory, she'd make it


Come on boys, let's push it hard
You broke
I've got a romance we could christen

And there's a word in Spanish I don't understand
But I heard it in a film one time spoken by the leading man
Der sachsen zorn trifft siegfrieds wahl, 
Der balmung stoppt der christen qual.

Viele tausend sachsenkrieger
L?rmen durch die ganze nacht.
have an instrument, without any key

Let's christen its demise
The queen and her jester's decree
It's time to bleed for every family with a fractured
her tears
To christen my pillow with sorrow
She remains after times
To explain what she means, she speaks of today
More than she dreams

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