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the ("you") beat!), it's your choice for the future, by the cross 
Before you probably make you ("it") last 

As long as the twilight bailed 
The dead came
Single by choice
Never marry, never ever divorce
Listen to the solitary voice
Tell you I'm single by choice

Single by choice
Never marry,
We have no choice but to fight back
In defence of our future

In defence of our future
It's up to you, you and I
To make a stand, to make a stand
of light
Connecting points of futures past, is its only plight

Passengers without a choice, hanging by a string
Spending with a hands of time, flying
You will live the way you're aimed and answer by a hidden name. plan a future, plan a home. ideas you thought we're all your own. living someone
Human; not human
Freedom; no freedom
Change; no change

Employment; no employment
Choice; no choice
Memory; no memory

Human; Not Human
Freedom; No Freedom
Change; No Change

Employment; No Employment
Choice; No Choice
Memory; No
Caught myself worrying again today
Seems like it's always something, something I can't change
I'm either looking back, haunted by regret
The old future's gone

Fear took down the winged life
The winged life we've led
So kiss the joy as it goes by
Poet William said
our eyes
We see our future

Their plan will lead you to failure
Embrace this wisdom let this wash away
And knowledge drives our choices
If we
A victim of collision on the open sea
Nobody ever said that life was free
Sank, swam, go down with the ship
But use your freedom of choice

will free yourself to weep
Don't be afraid you have so many choices
Hold your head up high and say goodbye
No second thoughts you have a future
choices ... or blind to cause-and-effect and a future gravestone
Today's a draft of your epitaph
Keep changing it, 'til you meet the grave
Update your
Born in filth, no future in sight 
Living of nothing 
What chances for survival exists? 
Is this the way to live? 

Death is a choice 
us by opening showing rejection
But the game must be played in accordance to how the cards fall
And my life's not dependant on their kind of narrow
Live by and die by the use of your voice
Voice of distinction, the power of choice
Yours is inside of me
Mine is in yours
Holding the key
The sand that hides
The bones of the dead
Whispers in the wind
Rumors of our future

We shall build here
In this cursed place
Cruel structures
Destined not formed by choice
Unless the choice is mine
Kneel when you hear my voice

The weak mind I rule
Shallow thoughts come and fade
And when I
of the future
Hope for the past
Hymns of enslavement
Forever laid to rest
Elders tomorrow
Youth of today
Choice for a changing
Better world needed to be
Allocate your future to the delegates
Relegate your muses to the surrogates
Long green apron stings that end in hooks
Sunk deep, written off,
the true colors that will destroy me in the near future

This choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would be (x2)
Now I'm hurting

We're victims of sedition on the open sea.
No one ever said life was free.
Sink, swim, go down with the ship.
Just use your freedom of choice
A victim of collision on the open sea
Nobody ever said that life was free
Sank, swam, go down with the ship
But use your freedom of choice

I didn't see you standing there
You took me by surprise
In your long silk dress
And those deep brown eyes
I was captured by your smile
But when fate

You've got the future on your side
You gonna be fine now
I know whatever you decide
You're gonna shine

Don't let the day go by
Don't let

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