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"We'd like to sing a children's song for you now, that's unique. 
It's the only children's song that we've ever encountered 
That contains all
Bring the children down to burn
Once you fall - no return
Sin takes you by surprise
On this backwards hellbound ride
Gates of hell drawing near
and the blind
And those who don't eat meat
Do it for all the
Children of the corn
And the unborn
Do it for the speedy trials
And all the lies you done sworn
And the spaces won't be spaces anymore

Two more farms were broken by the drought
First the Wagners now the Fullers pulling out
Developers paid better than
Children of the corn
And the unborn
Do it for the speedy trials
And all the lies you done sworn
How you gon' keep the man
Old Mr. Crooked ass preachin'
Messenger, prince of flies
Brain washed with sin and death
Time to burn, my evil wrath

Welcome to hell [Repeat x2]

Bring the children down to burn
Hear our cry
Oh Lord, we need Your mercy
And we need Your grace today, yes, we do
Hear us as we pray

[Chorus: x2]

Forgive our sins we pray
Angels at His side
See Him now on a great white stallion
In the eastern sky

Sent by the Father
Jesus go and call my children
A trumpet sounds
in the streets who ain't missed a beat
Do it for the deaf and the blind and those who don't eat meat
Do it for all the children of the corn
with no authority
There is only one name by which you may be saved
That's the name of Jesus Christ
You must realize death is the result of sin
face to face

Covered by a smiling mask
To hide all our sins
But really have to see
That there's no more truth within!

[Chorus: x2]
A woman liked by all who ever knew her
A hedonist who lived life for the day
She fed her soul on feasting and with riches
And feared the day that she
Twelve gauge pump
Shot 'em all did the job, somebody got robbed
And Nip will eat the fresh like it's corn on the cob
Keep is real, you know I gotta keep
(repeat chorus 1) 

Cause I'm free, free at last, free
From my past, free from sin, and I'm free
And down on my knees when my life passed me by
And I
on Judgment Day
Walking into battle with the Lord
Teach the children how to pray
Walking into battle with the Lord
Faithful, blind, we all believe
in Japan, move destiny's hand
The petty division, in our wealthy lands
Starve children, taking food from their hands
Have we not seen troubled
Yea, so we got this tune called "for women" right
Originally, it was by nina simone
She said it was inspired by, you know
Down south, in the south,
on the piano)
This next song

I was raised very well, like a field of corn
You know, I was also raised very Christian, like the Children of the Corn
takes two minutes to call me back and say hell no
And freeze like you banged the funny bone in your elbow
In less than a minute I'll be all out of water
And it's the rules that I play by
Carry the team like I'm A.I
I used to cook rocks, and hit the block

And gun in the bushes, and money in my
I. The Healing Colors Of Sound, Part 1

II. My Shoes
[God says]
Melt the ice by summer
Turn the grass from green to gold
dollar bills and drug deals by the mayor
Controls the people livin' legal

Sit back and chill, until time will reveal
Two thousand and one holy men with
singing jimmy crack corn and I don't care or green grow the rushes, oh! -- whatever that means. at any rate, for this elite I have
An ancient irish ballad,
as Hip-Hop rocks to the break of dawn
Don't nobody leave til six in the morn'
And they all come home like the "Children of the Corn"
Just here to make
knew this chick named Gina drove a royal blue beamer
Holdin' 2 chrome ninas fucking baby like Nadina
Wore corn braids, I used to hit it back in the days

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