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a elephant
I move cars like spinnin rims
I'm in a class all by myself like the brown Eminem
Not to down Eminem, I fuck black bitches
Fuck white bitches, nigga
Hallucinations, Good Vibrations, Van Dyke Parks
Greyhound racing, Steeple chasing, The Reformation
Transubstantiation, Bram Stoker's creation
The Land
pipe her and she pay fo' yo Lac

Fool, you make a lot of money but cha' talk too much

Countin' chickens that ain't there'll get cha' caught in a fuss
Fuck that, I'm tryna shag scuz
Better find this love shack or somewhere to fuck at, ah, don't touch that
You fat dyke, I'm tryna hear some Bagpipes from