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the street took responsibility
And checked tone into a drug facility
Now tone has a chance to get better
And clever, and get himself together
You may not like
a long way to get checked
So give me respect when I get wreck
Or get your motherfuckin' chin checked
Once again, it's your friend outta Oakland
Even the rose grows from the pavement
Tell 'em, Tone (The rage of Angels)

[Verse 2 - Crypt The Warchild]
Y'all don't know what it's like bein'
on the couch hitting the chalice
Checking my texts and out of nowhere, my dick is hard as a callus
I stood up, pulled back my sleeve, checked my watch
Where the,
to carry mess
This long, peep my rap song

[Chorus: x4]
Missed your chance, so why you chasing this
(Yeah, you should have checked for me)

Yo, sugar,
real hard all day and night
I get to it and do it cause I want it right
I got bass, (tone), I use, (y'know)
And then I rock (the funky) rhyme (on)
a message at the hotel
They said you checked out
They said you ain't coming back
I tried to call you
But you turned off your cell
And it said at the tone
left a message at the hotel
They said you checked out
They said you ain't coming back
I tried to call you but you turned off your cell
And it said
the moments on you, though I was in the wrong
You checked my phone and I checked you 'bout it
We never talked it over, instead we sexed 'bout it
I said, "I'm
need some guidance yeah
She really been up out here wylin yeah
Checked her a bag and hit the islands yeah
And everytime you tell her get down
your phone, better pick up your phone
Seems like every time I call you I just get a dial tone
Better pick up your phone, better pick up your phone
in between the lines
When you read about a crime society calls being unique

I'm just being me
Feel it in the tone o da beat
Ain't no rappa colder than
spread into your town 

you must realize open your eyes wide 

the drama will be televised 

revolution waitin' for your input like dail tones
Lord lift up these lifeless bones
Light cascading through the windows
all the rainbow's heavy tones

He has fixed his sign in the sky
He has
stop to get some Newports and Coronas
Before we checked these chicks that we had New out and Coroner
But at the turn of corner in this bad part of town
Right about this time


Let me hear some then

Since tone laid these funky new radical tracks


I'ma have
(Tone Loc)
Attention all ladies
The Candyman is on the prowl
And for those that wanna get busy
You gots to speak up now

autograph 'cause I was failing math
Disconnected the phone when I thought the teacher would call my home

I checked the mailbox twice a day at the end
magic, in fact when I last checked
You got casted as an extra, fantastic
But why don't you tone it down to bout half as dramatic
Can't dance past
meet again
Ah yeah

Woke up and I checked Worldstar this morning
A cop just shot and killed a black kid
It was all recorded
Just like the incident
We got guns we got tones nigga nigga we could ride up your motherfuckin ass
Erase your ass off the motherfuckin earth we ain't going nigga fuck this
and sitcoms describe long pages bread in a hotbox wigwam 
Debra tone hit the dish where the teens demonstrate ease in the hot days when she purchase
Why you callin' my whole problems, them your problems... (Dial tone)
Then you callin' back nigga fuck that call your chick this my phone
Last time I
leaking in
We gotta stop, but you're not listenin'

But I guess I Live and let live
I Forgive and set the tone
Forget and then condone
In retrospect, forget

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