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I'm the goat 
I'm on charring cross 
I just moonwalked to schrock road 
Running to the park 
Hooping in the dark 
I'm the
I'm the goat 
the furnace
Secret cremation
You fucked with me and now any trace of you is completely gone
Charring the flesh
The body is ash
They never will know
Confusing me

I can feel a war begin
It's like fire burning underneath my skin
Charring every bit of land
Til' my feet can't find ground to stand
Can you hear
Kick and push and fire 
Got you lost 
I was charring side 
Do this all time 
Money on my mind
Back with an all new vengeance than before 
could not talk
On the street you did the Charring Cross walk
Up and down, I swoop and stalk
Only I can run but I can't walk

Ai, yi, ai, wanna dance
could not talk
On the street you did the Charring Cross walk
Up and down, I swoop and stalk
Only I can run but I can't walk

Ai, yi, ai, wanna dance
Conflagration through my veins
Desensitized, charring skin, burnt within,
branded soul, torrid cruelty
Dwindle away, glowing heat to mutilate
Head set ablaze,
On a spit
Your head will burn
Charring flesh
Brain tissue congeals

Crack the skull
Open wide
Scoop it out
I consume your mind

Eating the brain
clothes with thee
Get out of those wet clothes and make a fire with me

We're charring
Chunks of ember
Fallen off burdened shoulders
Keep going till I
As soars the smoke from charring fire
So outpours all my desire
With the whole of soul of mind and heart
I’ll see your enemies torn apart
So hear
burning, can you smell the charring meat

It spreads like a virus
It's under your skin
It sings with the choirs
Elevated by sin

You share it on your
Vapors of dusk glow with hate
Knowing that death is quickly arriving
Charring me to my fate

Always seething

another day

Although the present's charring reveals deep scarring
There's always a support
Reach out find a way
As the ship reaches its harbor
Upon a breathy ridge

The flick of the flame
Charring that remained
Has helped the bed grow

What's not all great
Was not all hurt
And not all true
as the sky is charring 
And the memories bleed from me
you forget to put out your cigarette 
Your house is burning now
Charring white walls
And flames in the halls
Let's hope the rain can put it out
Yea, yea
through the back
And it pierced through my heart
Dear god what have I become?

You burned at the stake
Skin charring, but at peace
You saw the world in me
your tears are just charring bridges

I don't know why you think I'd sit idly by

Why why must you kill me
I'm already dead you can see it in my eyes
Get them trees burning
Get them leaves charring
Day seize, Carpe, Diem
Harping, see some, hearts in
A place, fallen
From Grace
But L's that we face
Holy…psychic  … charring!
I'll be your Damien Thorn! 
Uh-ha…Terrifying joker, Enigmatic fear, Hard-working stoker           
Whoaaahhhhh! Eins, zwei, drei, vier!
Charring most of those who want to see me get ghost
But most of those suckers just get toast
Most foes easily fail to come as the realest, but I can't fail
grow white hot to the core 
Burning up everything I touch
And charring the tile floor 

And if you go up in flames 
Then we're all gonna go up with you
From the fire where it all began into the fire where it all shall end

The charring pyre
A sea of flames
The burning ashes of a haunting blaze
embedded into a lie
Charring their flesh, blistering, waiting, waiting to die
Mass extinction
Chosen to live or die, torn from their kin, failing their

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