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two steps backwards and didn't know what to think
Neither did I but bein' charitable and cautious 
Well hell I approached him again

I said "Mr.
The story hit the news
From coast to coast
They said you beat the girl
You loved the most
Your charitable acts
Seemed out of place
the bread I'm makin'
That I made and never gave it yo where the heck is they been?
Said the label ain't charitable, gonna be checkin' they chin
The second
le diable
Si demain le ciel ne nous le rendait «
Ce n'est pas là geste charitable:
Ils aimaient les autres et Dieu nous aidaient

Tandis que devant
Liberty, sweet liberty
Charitable respectability
Then pacifism killed us all
For all the tourists on the Berlin wall

So we protest about human
of the charitable?
What of the truthful, the dutiful, the decent?

Doomed are the poor
Doomed are the peaceful
Doomed are the meek
Doomed are the merciful

Fey - Appearing touched or crazy, as if under a spell
Bazaar - A fair or sale at which miscellaneous articles are sold, 
Often for charitable
loqueteux ;
Au nom de Jean-Misère
Secourez Jean-le-Gueux...
Le Vieux Monde trébuche
Qui ne se chauffe plus
A la dernière bûche,
La charitable bûche
Où s'est
Ou au détour d'un bois 
Appelant d'une douce voix
De sibyllines paroles et de sanglots feints
Une âme  charitable qui voudrait bien l'adopter
a shrieking swing's presence. A mandatory séance lived through kelleran throes like charitable goose bumps to a dying life ripe with bath salts and torn
Maybe her Instagram is a beautiful place. You know? Maybe she's just following charitable causes. I went and clicked on her Instagram. I looked at her
charitable deeds I see you're really decent
Camo-altruism is the tango of the season
You buy all the latest things they say you really need them
like a thief, while she's asleep
But leave my rosary beads on her window sill
In the hopes she'll think me charitable

Then go out and taste the air
So now they're fuckin' with the ghost of Johnny Appleseed.
And he's a charitable spirit, but not so Christ-like 
He wouldn't take his tin-pot hat
you do
I've got my eye on you

I'm staring at you each and every day
Since I'm an eyeball in a basin
Be charitable and chaste
And don't put
On serait des gens formidables
Des êtres parfaits
Des chanteurs charmants, charitables
Humbles et discrets
Contre toutes les injustices
Et de

Mais je n'ose pas, car moi

Je suis grande, je suis raisonnable
Honnête et patiente, bonne et charitable
J'ai la tête froide, je
just settled in
Hold it for change from charitable donors like
Excuse me sir, miss could you spare a moment to

Support local support local
I know I
chandelle est presque à bout
Mais si Dieu
Avait vraiment voulu sa proie
Il m'aurait tuée au coin d'un bois
Devant ces hommes si charitables

Oh Dieu
of the worm
Sew the lid closed cough and spit into your palm with charitable charm
Slap the bad man's wrist, insist disarm
Do the math the path is a narrow
Into your charitable hands.
Take care of him Jesus, I know you'll do what's best,
Lay his wicked soul to rest. 

Take care of him, Jesus.
I know
bleues, les héros, les peureux
Les technos, les vieux jeux, les blaireaux, les quêteux
Les âmes charitables, les autres non négociables 
Les profiteurs de
Les attentats j'ai rien à voir, moi
Putain, je suis Charles Ingalls

La rumeur dit qu'on m'aurait vu flancher
Abandonnez, enclenchez le plan B

If on a dark and sultry night
Some charitable Christian soul
Should find a rubbish dump and put
Your once proud body in a hole,


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