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Take heed
Don't do your charitable deeds
Before men
To be seen by men
Or you will lose your reward in heaven
So when you do those charitable deeds
I get the money, know I'm getting the bag quickly
When I hop on it, no one taking the track with me

This-This-This ain't charitable nigga this
équipe première aux tirages
Rarement que l'aide réelement véritable
L'humanité n'est même plus charitable
Si la mort frappe Zenith certains feront des dabs
two steps backwards and didn't know what to think
Neither did I but bein' charitable and cautious 
Well hell I approached him again

I said "Mr.
The story hit the news
From coast to coast
They said you beat the girl
You loved the most
Your charitable acts
Seemed out of place
the bread I'm makin'
That I made and never gave it yo where the heck is they been?
Said the label ain't charitable, gonna be checkin' they chin
The second
Ce n'est pas là geste charitable
Ils aimaient les autres et Dieu nous aidaient

Tandis que devant poêles et casseroles
Mon père cherchait sa
Ce n'est pas là geste charitable
Ils aimaient les autres et Dieu nous aidaient

Tandis que devant poêles et casseroles
Mon père cherchait sa
Liberty, sweet liberty
Charitable respectability
Then pacifism killed us all
For all the tourists on the Berlin wall

So we protest about human
of the charitable?
What of the truthful, the dutiful, the decent?

Doomed are the poor
Doomed are the peaceful
Doomed are the meek
Doomed are the merciful

Fey - Appearing touched or crazy, as if under a spell
Bazaar - A fair or sale at which miscellaneous articles are sold, 
Often for charitable
d’âme charitable
Dans le gros penthouse avec mes cousins
Je refuse ta pute sans raison valable
Fromage et vin rouge vie de châtelain
Trois litrons
a charitable organization
At least for like 5 years, man

So Give NASA's budget to the homeless
And mental illness therapy
20 billion dollars divided 20 thousand
Je n'ai pas eu de gnocchis à midi
Cela m'empêche de méditer correctement
Une âme charitable aurait quelques gnocchis à me dépanner
Paix sur ton
Ismael no Rodman
Ramadan Erotic
Smoking exotic
Funneled that money
Through charitable causes
Like it's philanthropic
They still gonna ask
Range ta haine dans ta poche
Ou tipeu viendra t'troué sous le porche
Âmes charitables au feu de l'enfer
Elle voulais des efforts j'en fais
Plus d'oseille
nourri de haine
Comment veux-tu que j'aime la paix
Âme charitable, violence gratuite je sème
Ils m'ont nourri de haine, dis moi comment veux-tu que j'aime
charitable at first
But after that it's got bite learning the hard way will hurt
No magic 8 ball with words to give you useless advice
No magic 8 won't tell
bar I’ll embarrass you
Killing y’all would be charitable
Shit is inevitable
I’m a god Wit the devils flow
Spitting hot Tea kettle hoe
Catch me at D.V.A
se régle à l’amiable
J’cherche pas à être mariable, amical, admirable
An pa vin fè am charitable
A lépok téka janbé lé palisad
Traîtres pas de sa ici
demonstrating the charitable
By demonizing the wildness
Then slaughtering the splendor

Violent, frenetic and unlimited
We confiscate, incarcerate and constraint
and wide

Clap your hands with a smile, charitable night
Tears are running down, blurring our eyesight
Watch belly worship, that's the salvation
For poor
MarMar the Terrible
My, my, Why so charitable
You think that an alias
Is a thing that erase your past?
Well you’re wrong
I’m using your rhyme

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