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Characterized by
The full of life
By the empty home
Characterized by
When you can’t speak
The thing characterized by
Most things
This language made
Well, insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling asleep
This can lead to low energy and irritability, which may result
Well, insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling asleep
This can lead to low energy and irritability, which may result
fell like a ton of bricks
These are characterized as special times
And these are special times, oh
Jenny fell like a ton of bricks
She travels in
smell the venom on their breath


Alright now, I'm about to break the hypnytis down
It's characterized by a certain type
the hypnytis down
It's characterized by a certain type of lifestyle
People that treated you foul just want to be nice now
Smile and raise their eyebrows when
From the Amish
Knowledge in the hand
Of a prophet
You flow terrestrial
My rhymes super cosmic
Characterized by a bunch of lies
I don't feel
the waves decide to intensify
Step up and define the man of God you are
SEE YOU ARE A physical phenomenon characterized by YOUR FAITH
Don't allow hopelessness
is everything

When a person has nothing
And when a person has everything
A person is characterized by two things
Accountability is characterized by niggas who've grown
About to fuck up the business
The goofy shit that you're on
Cut your losses and take your L
of Nike’s
I know ya swear that y’all right
Holy Spirit Fahrenheit remove every stereotype
Ever since my identity been characterized
Don’t care if I’m liked
You lied, made me cry
I'm numb, paralyzed
Our love criticized
Feeling so hypnotized, characterized
You could never do wrong in my eyes
Then you left me
of emotion characterized the space that I occupied
Thought I was
Losing my mind 2 years older than 9
I had concluded we all just living to die
If there's more
call this real life goals
Mis-characterized ya self, typo
She needed one on one with you ISO
When shit was posed to work
You would call in sick, ghosting
A natural, electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of
Reddish or greenish light in the sky
Usually near
and paraded
With the internet
Ignorance is a choice
Internet Addiction
A mental condition characterized by excessive use of the internet
can't look sad 
Because it'll be considered bad
And I can't let my anger to be seen 
Because I 'll be characterized weak 
Always to hide what I want
characterized America ever since the black man landed in chains on the shores of this nation
This does not imply that all white Americans are racist
Far from it
I can't act normal
40 days & 40 nights I was on them flights
Every summer in LA, I'm taking no advice
I live a life characterized by who I am inside
in parallels, go to them, make a stack 
We are the motherless characterized by scars 
We are the cannibals, eating ourselves alive 
This is reality,
to realize
War hero characterized
Were sick of your stupid lies
characterized by a set of associated symptoms 
It seems you are suffering from yesGAWD Syndrome 
The only remedy is to Get Away With Dignity)
I don't want to be
Characterized by novels, politics, and by religion
They still take their guns to cities to imagine those clay pigeons
I'm getting sick of all the times they say
presente e a variedade rítmica faz dessa parte da Missa um canto de júbilo em momento de celebração alegre e brincalhona.

The Gloria is characterized

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