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of center of the swirl
I bolster my conviction as a character reference
With a sweetie-neatie drop of pearl

The crowd at the courthouse
Passed around
Whether or not

Some think I'm clever, others think I'm the one
Who makes too many references to weather
Or not
Or not

I set it off on stage,
and Trans-Union
So much paper work and I'm so tired (so tired)
I had to submit it without a co-signer (co-sign)
Hopin' I listed the right references
And that
through new realms
The helm of an adventure as they capture it on film
A new millennium the mission is essentially
Questioning characters at the turn
probably wouldn't have the balls
I could make references to books I never read
For the sake of sounding conscious
But, that's just obnoxious

I could
I rap too fast then play this track and reference it
And then forgive yourself for ever questioning my excellence
When it comes to self expression
because of their archais characters, forms, and spellings. These were magickal/religious texts, designed to ensure the safe passage of the Pharaoh into
It's a stack of fuck-shit on top of itself, nigga

I make references to weaponry
Ancient or new
I wear bullet-proof vests for no apparent reason
I'm scared of you
'Cause with no point of reference, what the fuck are you comparin' to?
You good one minute, psycho the next
No longer lettin' it ride,
call me for no motherfuckin' reference
Nigga be yo self


Verse 2:

Have you really flipped kis, about yo cheese, stackin' Gs
Or is it all

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