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Written by lindsey buckingham and christine mcvie.
Pretty baby
This feeling i just can't hide
You got me mystified

Pretty darling
Written by christine mcvie.

There's no use in crying, it's all over
But I know there'll always be another day
Well my heart will rise up with
Written by christine mcvie and eddy quintela.

Where are you darlin', when my
Moon is risin', and your
Sun is shinin' down

What are you doin',
Written by christine mcvie.

It took a lifetime to find you
And now I want you to stay
Oh, I don't mind you can do anything
You can love me night
Written by christine mcvie.

You've got a sweet, sweet way
You know you'll always be the only one
And if you'll let me say
You'll never be a lonely
Written by christine mcvie.

You got to believe
I'm gonna be with you baby
In everything you've done
Even though you've stopped the sun from shining
Written by christine mcvie.

Once in everyone's life
You know a feeling has to grow
And you may be having a bad time
And you really shouldn't let it
Written by christine mcvie.

Ohh you're a dream
Hide your head in the sand
You're far away, when I want you around
And you leave me lonely when I'm
Written by christine mcvie.

Why baby why are you still so sad
When you know how much I need you
I hate to see you feel so bad
When I try so hard
Written by christine mcvie, todd sharp, and billy burnette

Well, I'm so excited
My baby is on his way
I just can't wait
I can't wait another day
Written by christine mcvie.
If you wake up and don't want to smile,
If it takes just a little while,
Open your eyes and look at the day,