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(Kim Williams/Clay Walker/Kent Blazey)
The wind was blowing through your hair
The moon was shing on your face
You looked like a picture sittin'
Clay Walker!
And when I try to tell her different she gets a little riled
Oh my little baby loves me cadirac style
Because my little baby loves me
with chains of clay that are so hard to break
But when I left good earth behind I made a big mistake

I've traveled far and traveled wide
I've seen
Merely in drowning water clay 
As anguish wears but shades of grey 
To retain the chains of elder squire 

I'd prune the funeral skies denier
and chains with my veins all cut up
In a puddle of blood, monoxide, bitch, what up
Realm walker through the smoke I come
Drank the ? with green eyes and sippin
by the boys of the world
But I!! i.. am.. totally ignorant to that type of pride
Yell, when your groin starts to rebel
Yo l, I told you that we would
So don't get mad if I fuck and I nut quick
          I'm off the chain, I'm off the key
          Uncut G, Nasty As I want to Be


Clay D:
Or Walkers or Smiths or maybe even Quavers
'cause my love for you is like drugs for ravers
With glow sticks and funny hats on
I loves you more than I loves
to love this place,
They even got red clay,
Okay, hit a different,
Strip club everyday,
And I don't make it rain,
It's a hurricane on the way,
And I
Silent love portrayed in purple blue stains
She?s in chains, but she?s deceived
And she believes (oh) that she?s weak
Solitude scares her more
and put the chain around my neck
Then I locked my watch, bling blaow, pinky ring and bracelet
Kinda loud, I got a lotta jewels, 'cause I got a lotta style
much love for my nigga named Screw
The Kici's in this bitch, my nigga Jonathan
I got about 6 or 7 pounds from him
He broke em all down and we all got