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[Intro/Hook - x2]
	From the high degrees to the low degrees
	Ice cold, red hot, you can burn the freeze

Fahrenheit, very low
Icicle, hail
read it? 

Over and out, movin with swift celsius, I melted him down 

Jet movin up, level seven seven six oh 

with Darth Vader and 3P0 

[Chorus: x2]
You did it! (Son, you did it!)
You put the gun into your mouth and blasted yourself
And that's it, kid
You can't come back
You regret it,

"At 1000 degrees Celsius I make Emcees melt,
Fuck my record label I appear courtesy of myself"

"Canibus is the type to fight for mics,
operating rooms being fed by intravenus
seen as off the radar, my dark laser
will drop eight stars, and chop holes through quasars
a powerhouse, brute force