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Don't know Celsius from Fahrenheit so I just say degrees
I just read the temperatures and make up a bunch of lies
And end up being right more than
this battle 

I battle sing sing sing like bing bing bing 

ricochet rapid grab it like a poppa 

Watch you jam like a techer with old energy it's
the masters indeed
The season for freezin and green need
Dog sled stampede by the freezed slave calvary
I relieve those updated, cowardly fools never made
one of me.
Now the immature imitations taken from originations;
Made by tracin', and a little arrangin'.
So perform, if ya still ain't warm; maybe
uncreative peasants 

by the lessons of the untalented ones 

signed by your most stupidest A&R 

We'll see how far representation information
it's such a feelin'
To see all of my live nigga's carry on now
Oh see how I be gettin' so passionate
I get a thrill even when I bust my gun off by
degrees celsius 
Go for delf, no breaks, from stealth, crash it on the belt 
Almost lost the eagle, the diamond gem I paid 30 legal 
Crash the bird,
I can't imagine the pain you feel
You're not a coward; you're brave
You allowed your head to be decapitated by a train wheel
Razor to the throat,
all tough backtrackin', caught up in a tune from rockin fat cap
I told him it was art but just got laughed at
Burner liquid concoction on hot celsius

"At 1000 degrees Celsius I make Emcees melt,
Fuck my record label I appear courtesy of myself"

"Canibus is the type to fight for mics,
I've noticed those in power have no alterior motive
than to kill the inferior with corrosive chemicals
the virtuos locust internally tearing ya with

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