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crimes hidden in my mind
For some packs I get celled
I got crazy ’n broke some bones for it

Sorry my friends
I lost my way
I just screw up, I hooked money
celled creature a one celled thing
It hardly knows it's alive
You're better off dead if you only knew
Your growing life is taking a dive

I've never seen
Feels like I'm slipping
When everything around me feels like a prism
Celled in my own mind
The world is a prison
Tell me that you can feel it
you in a world full of an ocean

Million years I was a single celled body
Through these years I evolved to be somebody
Apes and Reptiles mammoths
i am the 500-celled creature
i am not no 499 creature
no 501 creature
i cry
i shriek in agony
i shriek in agony agony
i shriek in agony agony agony
makes me feel like a whole again
Sweet thing you keep giving me a reason.
You know
Every letter in my full celled brain but you're telling me to let it go
you stupid science world
This is reaching for the telephone

Amoeba amoeba
Amoeba amoeba
Amoeba amoeba
Amoeba amoeba

A one celled creature
you stupid science world
This is reaching for the telephone

Amoeba amoeba
Amoeba amoeba
Amoeba amoeba
Amoeba amoeba

A one celled creature
Eve Of Agnes
Drop-dead lover 
You're the main attraction
Single-celled, kiss-and-tell
Silent, but kept with a caption

I make my money 
On the fear
Sometimes I really want to be alone 
But that's one state I'm never in 
Because I know that I've got millions upon millions 
Of tiny, one-celled
Release that trail
And one ah my niggas been in celled, because I stay high
Smoke, inhale. And I may break it wit' ah nigga, will he suffer
Don't make no
a one-celled Hammond organsim
Underneath my shoes

And then I'll call pup tentacle
I'll ask him how's his chin
I'll find out how the future is
to curse the states
Like "Fuck You!"
I kill for my sons with guns, like I'm John Q
Now get celled in hell
The Buddha-blessed smoke
Endorsed by the DLs,
explanation, yea I made man out of dirt

[Ras Kass]
But how can a man be first, when its the woman that's giving birth?

Listen, single-celled organisms
mothafuckas knows I got it like
Sickle-Celled sermons to entertain the masses
Even I could see that behind shattered glasses
The pimp’s bad bitch, whose life
the other single celled
Hopin' to god that fuckin' your single sells
I'm bringin' hell, side by side with FMA

I'm the ultimate organism
I got my horns filed
you'll never become anything

Your haircut short and sweet
Your military stance prepared for the great escape
From single celled days in an annex to acres
single celled organisms til we move it on

Into the backroom where tall tree men glare to stop and stare you down with a black gloom to make your spirits
minds and into chaos hurled 
Locked inside a manufactured cage 
A single-celled violent rage 
Staring into the godless void 
We should the blame of our
always been confined
Mind celled up, only things coming out are rhymes
All these bars you woulda though I committed some sort of crime
But I never crossed
Back in the ages
We’ve been created
Like something great
And complicated.
Not like single-celled —
Able to evolve,
Adapt and survive,
And to create.
We restart the cultivation of single-celled organisms

A new habitat has been formed on the previously dying Earth
New life forms will reemerge from
In the beginning there were rudimentary beings
Single-celled amoebas discovering oxygen
Lizards and monkeys racing through the green
Brains grew big
falling again
And I don't really have the words to explain
Being forced and celled rises the feeling of flying away
Of flying away
I wish I sold a little

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