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Fools on parade cavort and carry on 
For waiting eyes 
That you would rather be beside than in front of 
But she's never been the kind to be

Mucus mules
Twat trot, tra-la tra-la, tra-la tra-la tra-la

Whale bone fields 'n' belts
Whale bone farmhouse
Cavorts girdled in letters
As you spin and cavort 
Hey now please press replay 
Right now let me retort 

Caught a voice adrift in the wind 
& what I heard was hard
anywhere -- Seed of day
Everyone's grown -- Feel the change
Up so big they can share -- Know the Way 

The vaudeville generals cavort on the stage
of scientists are in maybe 10 showed up at the wharf
As if guided by the trident of poseidon to cavort
Each a lumbering and boisterous glutton
Like a half-ton
That no man can disregard

It's America's most beautiful!
From Seattle Up north
Down south  to San Diego 
Where beach beauties cavort...
In that girl
ever enough?

The devils cavort inside my mind, the daggers caress my skin
I've been talking to wolves, they don't want me here and if they let me live
Jealousy was dressed to kill, with vengeance at her side 
While millions of tiny lies cavort in shiny white 
At first this all seemed strange to me, then
Distillations of veracity
Specters of substantiality
(Cavort upon the wall)
Must this burden
Be bourne unto our backs
As the world
On Atlas' shoulders?
If we were

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