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as the caskets lower down.
Caustic chemicals open early graves. Caustic chemicals
open early graves. The drug related homicide of a nation
as society is plagued
And bleed decrepit broken bones
At caustic spells of hell
Huh, what's that, dear? Huh?

Eat exuding oinks upon
And bleed decrepit broken bones
Multifarious mutants
They cross the brain
The inferno of your morbid mind
Damnation of immortal souls
Perpetual - caustic septic vitality
Damnation -
Our divination

Caustic are the ties that bind
Like barbed wire, taut and fine
Tied around the wrists that
Crimson for the dark to feed
Foolish bastard
Born ignorant
Who has lost
And what's to gain
Its caustic cost
Is all the same
Follow the leaders
Of mindless games
Ignorance rules
sour blood
To breathe.
My disease is caustic pain. I'm stumbling but
I'm trying to say that I'm crumbling away.
In the corner you'll find me.
can alter this.
Just another daydream,
Calendar sadness.

Lucid, inducing swarm
Becoming closer but getting colder.
The caustic grip insane.
Morbid faces 
Their twisted face 
You'll live to regret 
this, this day 
Severing all the doubt 
Caustic evil 
You're nothing but 
a shadow
"Saving face in front of angels
Repentance caustic lackluster decay
Crossing the bridge of good and evil
Featured saviors don't turn away
(holding off caustic thoughts).
But fate laughs we can't last (from the aisle).
lick the walls of what you find
global thoughts, caustic signs
it seemed to be life was free
common sense, apathy?
push to fore, clear your mind
comes crashing into you
streetlight change from red green to yellow
to this caustic shade of grey and blue

and i'm wishing we could go
go back
is that you're implicated like a caustic acrostic spelling out your name lights out 'cause i can see in the dark sidewind m way to the mark of fuse
and respect on the floor

Constricting like a heart attack
A mythomaniac on the loose in the streets
Blood boiling with the burning heat
Of caustic defeat,
yeah elijah or what 

Kettle black I caught your act you can not 
Get away with that caustic bullshit 
Second sight or second's up or short
Kellie black I cought yr act you can not 
Get away with that yr caustic bullshit 
Second sight yr second's up yr short 
On sight 
Oh yeah enlieya
the stage and take the plunge
Break a leg or a bust a lung
I'll disarm those who carry guns
And neutralize their caustic tongues

The shattered fragments
your friend
But then you know I can't go back again
And yes I'm sorry that I've come so far
But being caustic we forget we are

In the light you can
Caustic remedy betrays existence
Hellish invasion just part of the plan
Beasts have been summoned to conquer again
Unleash the fury

Internal bleeding
a mountain's weight of rock on top of us
Churning earth has somehow come to life
Rapid combustion spewing magma cracks apart the crust
Tornadoes of caustic
Clouding our sleep...
Years discord the unbelief
Words. All you've said
Wishes worn through the seam
Scarring the ears
Caustic whispers from you
A caustic I lost reality long ago now I live in a Horrorshow!
Truth, fiction, one and the same one is real,
The other to blame I don't care what your bishops
a mountain's weight of rock on top of us
Churning earth has somehow come to life
Rapid combustion spewing magma cracks apart the crust
Tornadoes of caustic
predict the deception
Chronic delusions with caustic solutions

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