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Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectable
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectable
at the apogee, but at the sign of eclipse
My body plunges to Earth and with it goes half of me
Never be a casualty, that implies that causally
You've been casually
Put your hands in the air if you happy 
You can suck my dick if you mad at me 
I'm actually
I dress causally 
It's impossible to be compatible 
I got
at me
And they staring causally 
They can't see all the broken in me
I don't wear it publicly 
You and me thats the way its gonna be
Its even in my dreams
and got sour now you're actually foul
Time is money I ain't wasting none, it has to be now
The word legend's thrown around so causally now
I want it all,
follow my path y'all
Take a ride with Dee
I'mma spit these bars most causally

Check me out yo
I'm from the 313 chillin' with the shotty
You catch 2 in
the new Robots
With limitless energy android Like 17
You burning up like a bottle a Paraffin
Actually tragedies happen so Causally
And casualties happen
not the same, anxiety is attached to me
You could tell me dig my grave, I would dig it out causally
I'm not even getting paid, while I'm making this
them fakers mad at me
Showin they true colors now yo misery my salary
Countin G's causally, yo chick massaged a masterpiece
Wanna leap feelin froggy you
it'd slow up 
They wouldn't kill us so causally 
Give a fuck if you get mad at me 
Think this how it has to be 
'Cause they do not hear words 
It's clear
the staff like jafar
Gotta lil side piece a Kari beside me
She swing a blade too she a whole masterpiece
Catch me in yo world on yo block so causally
cents while I'm chasin these pennies
Niggas insane but I'm keeping my sanity
I just be thinking too hard, while I'm smokin' shit causally
I'm where
at me 
Causally  killing these rappers they casualties 
I keep a few real niggas in back of me
If some shit was to go down they gone blast for me
I get
Chasing the money this broke life is after me
I just be causally leaving these casualties
Ice on my wrist turn my drink to a Daiquiri
(Nah I’m saying)
want peace ima keep it a band
You just keep cluckin im keepin' these bands
This a mentality i do this causally 
i just stay cognizant bitch
Yeah i know i
Ain't no one taking my place
What would you do, if I told you a story
That loving me, never gone end
Causally falling in love
This hopeless romantic
complete with out Hilfigure Jean's and a dash of Louis V
(That's my Apple Watch)
No I don't rock supreme
I'm not a hype beast
I'm causally coming with heat
Tangled prey can't breath
Desperate as a heave
Hellish sounds
Screams when parts hit the ground
Bodies never found
In plain sight I walk around
try it
Fuck wit me
Mode one savagery
Rip to pieces causally
Anything, threatening
Here I come
Step aside bums
The throne is calling my
Where I'm causally
Assassinating Hannity
Fox news mad at me
But like them
I'm just giving my fans
What they want to see
I'm on an odyssey
can't let go
I-I-I I feel the energy
You know once you come around these worries are just memories
Ca-ca-ca causally cautious when people see us together
in the back of the Mac truck
Yeah Ima Savage
Everybody call me a maverick
Make a mil so causally
All my clothes is Japanese
Shawty suck dick she good
is hang a nigga from a tree
Damn this a tragedy
Is this our fate or a fatality
We just wanna live and live happily
They're causally turning us into

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