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when we had chemistry?
Now you mad at me, once again, it don't make sense to me
What has got into you?

We was supposed to be
Casual, causal, casual
There goes my heart again
There goes my heart again
There goes my heart again
There goes my heart again
There goes my heart again

One, two,
Looked out my window last night
From my pillow and I
Saw the willow weepin' a causal sigh

Man in the moon looked rather
Sad and confused as if he'd
The mirror of my smile
That isn't there, that doesn't follow
A very causal 'hi'

Why did you come at all,
If it wasn't for me?
Another blow of resignation
refrain, the soul is set to gain
Or swallow it whole
The causal chain, of human loam

And as seasons go, it's a lot like this
He reasons for a look,
temporality, we are led in serialized procession
by causal chains of history: fetishes at root.
They are formed from our practical engagement in society.
vez me pierdo, en mi libertad causal
No puede ser cierto, no, no, 
Es como un sueño sideral.

Divas espaciales (x4)
Nada en este encuentro parece ser casual.
Todas las calles que vivimos y esta secuencia tan real.
Todo en este encuentro parece ser causal.
Un poco
We'll be side by side
For what's left of the ride 

I thought it was
Not to be
I missed my chance
You don't see me 

A causal word
A spark ignites
Now you
No sabía que, esto sería así

Un encuentro, tu sonrisa, en un taxi allá fuimos
En un beso, un instante tan certero tan preciso
Lo causal en el cielo
que siembra tu abuela en San Chente
El día grita, la noche calla
Yo a tu lado pero ausente
Mi arte: Más causal que casual
Lo saben? El Aven pone la sal
twist, sip lemonade causal
I'm a starboy you could never read it in a manual

What a man, what a man, what a man you've got to be
Yeah you talk a lot
Strange days are from boys 
Strange days I track those down 
Will come too destroy 
How causal destroy 
We shall complain of fun 
All over town
Uh, need to tidy up the fucking sounds now
Need to get the second verse coming in surround sound
I'll bring it bigger then I'll break it back
light, right
So fit this one
Simple contradiction
Hey, it's cool
Hey, it's causal

So then it was true
I guess I'll leave it alone now
It's not
cosmic fury streaming forth 
causal /cause of energy 
micro-chaos bringing forth 

black the flame that burns inside 
Black the flame
Making wack rappers famous some of you causal rap fans are brainless
Fuck it I'm in the coupe bangin' ninety tree Snoop
You don't know how it go
Soñar con la primavera 
Buscando el nido de otro amor 
Que pueda yo entender que tus alegrías 
No son causal de mis penas 

Con razón, tu boquita se
a revenge
but merely a consequence
Life devoted to causal relation

And if you can't comprehend, cannot see what has triggered
this burst of emotion I'm
So what's going on 

So come on back track slack
As I whack super natural
Defending the facts as
They try to act causal

Many feel superior

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