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Immortal Technique, disintegrates mic's when I spit
I cause more casualties than sunken slave ships
Full to capacity, I bring tragedy to rap
So you're the motherfucker they call immortal technique
What the fuck make you so special nigga?
Huh what the fuck do you do?

I calculate planet
you and your four brothers

[Immortal Technique]
You play Scarface when a microphone's in the room
But you more like Pacino in "Dog Day Afternoon"
This is an invasion
An occupation
Immortal Technique
The evil genius DJ Green Lantern
And you're now understanding guerrilla warfare
Is being spread
suffering that dove of life has died
Paralyzed and terrorized by the fear you feel inside
Caught within the floods of blood, evil, departed sea
Immortal but
smoke you and your bitch moms I'm ambidextrous the microphone could switch palms
Immortal Technique psychotic nigga to spit calm
Misinterpreted by
Immortal Technique in the trenches with my nigga Akir
Our family surived the genocides so we can be here
And now we enterprise the aftermath, one in
tasted suffering
That dove of life has died
Paralyzed and terrorized
By the fear you feel inside
Caught within the floods of blood
Evil, departed sea
Destiny brought her to where niggas bought her, a lot of shit
She ain't caught up bitches taught her to hustle
Hustle harder than a nigga

(Uh huh)
right to a beat like Kryptonite power
Not withstood by any mortal or immortal
To make you get on the floor til
Another dope jam we slam with precision
shoot me
Curse to heavens and laugh when the sky electrocutes me
Immortal Technique stuck in your thoughts darkening dreams
No one's as good as me,
in places where alcohol's for all ages
On stages, in great heights land in London at night
LAX today, MP tight
A 2000 Technique cha, cut and freak
This is the Invasion!
The Evil Genius Green Lantern!
Immortal Technique, "The 3rd World"
(It's on now motherfucker - ha ha, drop)
You ain't
fucking and we only met last week
We're both young, not yet antique
So her mindset was working for my technique
Tell her that I love her and by next week
Immortal Technique]
I pledge no allegiance, nigga fuck the president's speeches
I'm baptized by America and covered in leeches
The dirty water that
paradise, sippin' this game and pay the price 
I watch the sun glisten off this ice, caught you slippin' 
Uzi, Mac and a jacker, young thief in the night
We gotta hustle ya'll We gotta hustle 

(Bootie Brown) 

Lookin to advance in this world that's monopolized so I utilize 

Careful not
feel myself fall in the hustle and the bustle
It's too rough I tumble in the gravel and the rubble can you hear me call

Caught in a spiders web,
Tell me what the fuck am I suppose to do
Now what's next
Tell me what the fuck am I suppose to do
Now what's next

Caught up in the middle
Flash like a camera, strut when I walk
Can't handle my stamina, my full out assault
I've caught a lot of MC's who talk about their ice
I talk about my
for an assault, that I caught, in Bridgeport, New York
Catch me if you can like the Gingerbread Man
You better have your gat in hand, cause man


why ahora for you motherfucking niggaz
Yo... si

[Verse 2]
Immortal Technique the resurrected Che Guevara
But y'all cats are just a bunch of fake
at night with torch lights

Verse 2:

3 wishes granted by the genie in the bottle
Cause I plucked it with my index I thought that it was hollow
Give me
The arrival of the dead, mourning souls arise.
Searching for a way, to reach humanity

Couldn't stand the pain, left our world too fast
Caught in
To the city of immortals
Marble white and purest gold

I see the gods in battle rage on high,
Thunderbolts across the sky
I cannot move, I cannot hide
I feel

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