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on overload
Making sure the lonliness don't show

She was never he for as long as I remember
She was never of her gender categorically
She was never he though
If I told you that I worshipped you
You could give me some kind of sign so I knew
I wasn't up shit's creek
of being confused
You told me never to worry
I'll never ask you to choose
Categorically, I have to say
It's as much as I can do
To sit around here,
I thought oh right
If I categorically eliminate all other people
It's just me and her she'd like that
'Especially you' I said 'you are virtually
with one human voice
You will categorically say
This underdog will have his day

One more dead is one more
Then it ought to be
A travesty oh oh
Categorically gifted for sure
Never down for the count, might fool you with the rope-a-dope
Work my combinations, crack your shell split, yo
already fixed
The spoils doled out in advance
The appointed already picked
All allegations of fraud
Categorically dismissed as absurd
The devotee, agnostic, the nihilist, the atheist, the Dalmatian
Can everyone be right or are people categorically wrong
Until the truth strikes them
his dick was a Glock
Holly molly bitch I’m loaded and I’m spitting automatically
Triple OG categorically, better than what you hope it’d be
Off the top
I categorically 
Uphold risque nets 
Placed and displaced until
Theres no risque left
Almost half of babies born was made On accident
But how you
I'm just a girl from the estate"
"It's not about where you're from
I just wanna kiss your cheek 
And say you're my only"

But ultimately
jaw drop
I'm standing on the rooftop trying to see my scene 
Emphasize categorically that's my scene
No remix it's perfect you knew it when you heard it
the lyrics
So they rhyme categorically,
I could have paid more attention
But fuck it!
My body is a broken down machine
Obselete and inconsequential
I state categorically for the record
Maybe a little difficult to understand
I withdrew
to be known historically
You don't need to tell, me I'm bad lyrically
Murder all these rappers numerically
Categorically, I mean typically
My type is
if she stays out all night?
Categorically shy with a devilish mind
He was a factory lad, dust on his soul, dust in his hair
But there was poetry there
is categorically funded by war
And the deeds of all the men
The goals, the reasons from them
We are past our due date now

Fleeting, building,
categorically you live with fails
You claim you're a queen but no one hails
No one hails, none hails, no one hails
Oh, well, I didn't mean
You know what, I did
and Karte step the mic, we'll rip it horribly
Just place us at the top if you're gotta place categorically
Here we go yeah you know we gon win
Here we go yeah
feelin free
Can't fit us in a category
Cause we categorically
Breaking right out the seems
Making you
Question everything you see
And value soul
Think I'll see Kings clearly when I've got Light in my path
I'm categorically saying it that things are about to change now
If we not on same mission bro
give you this your body
Na your body go koba me
Omo the bastard na conji
Categorically first you are number 1
They wan chop my banana (Opor)
categorically if you can die for your nation
If you your answer is a no ogbeni say no more 
Make I die, If I no change my name to angelo mitch if I fly abroad
metaphor's getting downright ubiquitous... Anyhow I'm not categorically opposed to quick seduction, and you seem to have a hunger that could match my thirst,

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