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You have to listen to DJ's from the old age(days)
No matter where you're from this music's gonna play
Might be on your soundcrash on every Friday.

They are making milk out of powder, daddy-o
Got the baby's crying, oh, baby
Rich gone up higher, yes, it is
Got the parents lying

Lord ,
with DJ Alladin 
Had my girl under the cover, went with Egyptian Lover 
I'm on the radio, microphone mic-a-don 
All my yapes I would pay for a mix
y'all don't stop me
See a stampede of fake cats
Runnin from bill cosby
What does he gotta do wit you doin you?
Y'all know what?
Dj lord gimme that cut
Dj lord gimme that cut
Bring that beat back
That's whats up

Feedback from truly 
Gotta think outta this
Box of hard knocks
under cover of darkness he made his way
To the middle of the municipal park
& he hid in the bushes & waited for somebody to come
Walkin' along by
to explode, 
'Cause you're taking mad long with my ID
I'm in here weekly
You know my face by now, 
Stop wasting my time, you know the deal, get me out of this
He soon got connected with this cat down in ?
Now he's got his girl signing for packages in the mail
Went from ripped jeans to mad cream
Traded all
to get her

The beach front estate, mega yacht by the lake
The safe in the floor with a life time of cake
Wifey emailing, make my side vibrate
hoes like (Believe that daddy)
Now I do it for the ladies, do it for the ladies
I do cause I want to push a cat-eye Mercedes
I do it for my dudes, do
Fi all odda DJ Mr. Cat a don dadda
A gold teet front teet mi seh back dung to Shabba
Di bwoy nah go test Super Cat and folla
I tell yuh this a yute
a lake outside of New Orleans
And they stared in the direction of the escalating sound
Cover up the sun
Let the river run
Take this good man’s son
Woke up this morning, 't was a fine sunny day
I said daddy please stay, but he had to run away
Cause he was busy, busy makin' lots of gold
So I
Sensei (& DJ Kaos) ]
Look at the records in this store, know the faces and the names
All the places that they come from and staked it as their claim
with a shotgun, give a fuck if the cops come
The type of cat who come hom your face, invading space,
Daper daddy dealing with your case
She's a witch
A bonafide bore
What's more - she snores
And that is a fact
Cow eyes lie
Yes it's time to resist
How did I ever
Get into this
And I love the life I live

I may lay a hundred on a bet this time
Tomorrow night can't cover your dime
If I'm flat my kitten digs me still
Artist: DJ Envy f/ Jay-Z
Album:  Blok Party Vol. 1
Song:   H.O.V.A.
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Jay-Z] + (DJ Envy)
Yo uh, dim
In the corner by the D.J. unit 
The flag of beauty my eyes salute it, 
She likes love 
By luck or labour 
She likes love 
But not for favour -
Yo, on the M-I-see right about now, I go by the name of Big Daddy Kane. I got my 
Man Scoob Lover on the side of me, DJ Mister Cee on the wheels
Make a one a reckon you I think you would have done 
You come in a the place no satisfaction 
Don't you know say Daddy me Daddy me Snow yes me is
Fi all odda DJ Mr. Cat a don dadda
A gold teet front teet mi seh back dung to Shabba
Di bwoy nah go test Super Cat and folla
I tell yuh this a yute
Who was the first to flash the heat on the cover?
Who was the first crew to go against another?
Who was the first to go acapella
Who is the man with the master plan?
DJ Mister Cee
Who is the man with the master plan?
He goes by the name of the Big Daddy Kane
Then it goes
of playing
These cats try hard but don't hear what I'm saying
Run for cover, if you're on the wall then get off it
Get this thing shaking like a mosh pit