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and so
Say, you're senseless nerve
The attitude weighs
heavily on my mind
もう これ以上 近づかないで
Castigation 言わせないで

blind forever in time
Sign of the cross
Hell arise! Castigation under the sign
Sign of the cross
Make us drown in altar wine

In the heart
forever in time:
Sign of the cross...
Hell arise! Castigation under the sign,
Sign of the cross - make us drown in altar wine

In the heart of justice
you buried me then all your sins'd go too
Your castigation's starting, the prophecy's coming true

Alecto, Alecto

Mirror, mirror, mirror will you let

Aberration, Instigation
Domination, Castigation
Comdemnation, Aggravation
Aspiration, Abjuration
Is this what you call depravity?

You're so sure
to corrupt life A castigation junkie anomaly Distort and nullify Proactive in perpetuate slander  Can't restrict from this urge to deride Can't resist
gristly disgust
Exuberant castigation
Wading in bile, soaking in guts, ancient innards

Immense oceans of gore, rivers of pus, mountains of bones
a reproach of the hungry roach that tries to spoil kitchen goods
It’s a castigation of the wolves that roam within the woods
When I was younger, didn’t have
had your back against the allegations
I said they’re lies, severed ties, earned my castigation
Had the same aspirations, never had a chance to make it
adorating castigation
Perversions of the flesh
Seething manic
My completeness
I tear down distortions of myself
Erase life renown my beauty
Compile lies
We played by your rules
I stayed one step behind
Waiting to undergo your castigation
Still I don't know why
The sentence to be served is mine
soul has passed through her judgment without castigation 
The width of the Sanzu is merely foreshadowing your final fate 
Unclear line between good
impossible to find

Castigation overwhelms 
And robs a fertile mind
Poison looks and vile words 
Are returned ten fold in time

In hand pitch fork and flaming
oriented by sky
heaven and hell taugh

the castigation came then
the road is lost
time stagnated tracks
atrophying a exchange with creator

ride by
attract the castigation
Vanquishing abominations to regain memories and entity
When I've heard my heart beat again I smiled so bad
Everything is fading back
: offer yourself a castigation 
Maleficent felons obey the laws of the Cobalt rites 

Conical hoods for the ritual, 
Propagates light 
An azure
of fear silenced forever
Cacophonous bereavement, purposeless repentance
Opposing castigation desperation meaningless
Justicial resolution, darwinistic
on slush
Honor the Vultures : offer yourself a castigation
Maleficent felons obey the laws of the Cobalt rites

"I just like to make one picture that would
The overseers impede the righteous reaction. Encouraging total surrender by all - a castigation to a bitter entity. Apprehension results as minor distruption
eternal pain
Service taking the toll, living life in Hades

Oh I see you standing on the
Shore of castigation now
We don't want to burn no more so pull
Pulverization- bones snap, break, and rend
Trituration- truncheon falls again and again
Castigation- dumbstruck, dazed and contused
Failed creation…!
In all his arrogance…
Has prophesied…
A plague of suffering…
Open your fucking eyes…
and you will earn
in proper turn

destroy and lay to waste
and you will taste

learn to speak and teach
strengthen up the weak
Revelation, castigation 
Raining sinful shadows screaming, down from above
Pending death on the horizon
Today betrayal damned us all
I don't care

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