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We have no secrets
We tell each other everything
About the lovers in the past
And why they didn't last
We share a cast of characters from A to Z
But now the bad news: she's out on a roll 

She wrote the opening 
The middle and the end 
What a cast of characters 
Of lovers and my friends
and the Chicago cubs. 

The braves are featuring a
Are outstanding cast. (arf!) 
We got a wonderful cast of characters here. 
He's a home run interim rba
He's got a secret environment locked 
In his head, reality suspended
He's got a cast of characters 
Cooped up in his mind
Whenever he wants them
love because the benefits are 

The rinse you find the path you grind distorted like a 
condiment or feisty cast of characters, de facto ,
pluck them out?

These are the stories that will never unfold
All of the characters cast in stone
Years surely weathered them, I don't remember them
(Say goodbye)
(I won't cry)
With the repeating cast of characters
(Old friend, see you again)

I don't wanna talk
(So afraid)
When my
different cast of characters
Regina got arrested as a late prowler
Couldn't trick, got evicted, lost her section aid voucher
Onward goes my neighbourhood's
against me

Hey if this the cut I'm the surgeon
Assassinate your character cast aspersions
You ain't gotta verse better than my worst one
You ain't
Part character part sensation 

The shadow is cast
Mick Stewart

Mr. McGallagher my what a character
I've got a feeling for you down far
In a menagerie of limited capacity
Teaching himself to be
Yo, you'll get bruised, kid, ghetto blues, you'll never refuse shit
The show's good, pinching MC's like rosewood
I'm shrinking you rap characters
my character's been the villain
And you power of love deserves equal
Please cast me back in the sequel
pride was it cast aside

So when I see you friend companionship will come to an end
Cause of the way you drove me to dismay.

Force - force my hand -
Where the wolf lingers by the lamb
Your kingdom come
So we are lonely characters
In the world of darkness
So we are lost cultures

Victimize, cast off, forgotten daughter, play the martyr
So they sympathize with your condition and your position
It's strategic how your
mind so every day I gotta pray about it
(Not Like You)
Truth is I don’t question your character just so hurt and really mad about it
(Not Like You)
eradicate the fake, pre-present me
Elevate me to a higher human form
The characters I am
Made into a word complete then I'll be the new norm

it we will cultivate your mind
Saturate your character with doctrines so divine
A generous contribution will secure your earthly bed
Grow with us in
the fake, pre-present me
Elevate me to a higher human form
The characters I am
Made into a word complete then I'll be the new norm

Self inflicted fractures
kinda like a theater play
Where the roles have all been cast, yeah
Did I hear you say?
(Or maybe it was me)
I was gonna say
I hope my character is one
stands deep from nubians actin' like Columbians sellin' keys
Characters have the tendency to con themselves
To think the East Coast is only New York
I was of poor folk
But my mother had a rabbit fur coat
And a girl of less character pushed her down the la river
'hand over that rabbit fur coat'
obligation in the boodoir crystalize impurities to zero on the 
autograph dirty characters sponges hunches hurling murder abundant lunches with the 
to fight with now? 
Yeah, conspicuous characters creep through America 
With a killer chemical in a canister called Canibus 
Crazy as crystal communicate

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