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Engineer" by the brothers Larcombe
Thinking of the bands I never got a chance to spend my cash on
Ché and his Caballero chucked it in when I said I liked them
We don't need your cash or those options of stock
Shiny diamond rings or 8 cyls on the block
We don't give a damn if you have or you not
want to slice up the chords 


Yo, yo if you got the doe, be	, than show me 

Cause I'm walkin' these streets and no one know me
she looks,
She smells like dirty cash and aged paper books.
What would she die for?
Slow down Gandhi, you're killin' em
Slow down Gandhi, you're
Chemicals straight to the brain so that I'm fully equipped
I contain my mental anger
By letting it rip
From the chords in my pores
To the rhymes I commit
The Mac is cuttin records and punks are gettin ripped
Gangster I am, bust the lyrics like a drive-by
You wanna sleep? Well, it's lights out,