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[Chorus - Master P]

[Wish Bone]

Yeah yeah
In the mist of the ghetto
When I fly ride by die
Niggas want to let go
It's a pain just to maintain
[Master P (Souya)]
Yeah shorty, we could be like Bonnie & Clyde, ya heard
Go out there and get this paper
You wit it? (yeah I'm wit it)
and I don't quit
I get pushed to the limit, and yo that's it
Step by step, I put an end to your fun
Cause I'm the chosen one, yes me my son
A young kid
Just cause I'm motivated by a lot of cheese

When trees by the p's
And fuckin' fine fee's and 3's with ease
For sure the skilled poets
Within in

True true man, yo man, who's your boy over there man?

Oh that's my man from out of town

Oh word man? Yo whassup man? My name is P man

How you
tryin' to send you a bomb
(Special delivery!)
I signed to a local label for fun
Say I got cancer, get dropped, take the advancement and run
On the 3rd planet east of Plutonia
From the poppy an extraction
Called Criddacktonite
Conceived as a weapon backed by the Supremacy
Cause I got nuttin to lose, suttin to prove, I'm screamin' EASTSIDE
While I dump on you dudes (Dip-Set!)
And what we live by (yeah),
I see P the wicked clowns and Project Born
Serial Slaughtering mutha fuckas in the graveyard

Tick to the mutha fuckin' tock
Nigga the click from
named Carlisle Von
Who got fired from U-P-S for tryin' to send you a bomb
(Special delivery!)
I signed to a local label for fun
Say I got cancer, get