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Quiet.... Quiet.... Quiet....
Quiet.... Quiet.... Quiet....

Carrot 食う Smith
Carrot 食う Smith
I know, I know Carrot
Carrot 食う
and a carrot fit away

There's a shudder in the evening wind
I can feel it in my ear again
Like a rabbit and a carrot fit away

You turned into a monster
I hope
Jesus' bible,
Bible's Jesus.
Lot of carrots,
Carrot recess.

It reminds me
Of the way that you pushed.
I'd hate
To be like you!.

Hit by a Mink Car
Driven by a Guitar
And the silver Chauffeur says
That it's all in your head
When you're 24 carrot dead

In my dream
Everyone is gonna chase the carrot on a string
Not gonna make it
You're almost there but when you achieve it
You know you're never ever gonna
And then
Out of his secret garden somewhere in New Jersey comes your newest favorite super hero!

It is I, Captain Vegetable
With my carrot, and my celery
simmer down
Be patient and I'll let you see my
Carrot rope, feed my thrill, 
I got beat by weather
Carrot rope, feed my thrill, 
I got beat by weather
I'm not good with numbers
I just count on knowing when I'm high enough
A mule with only two legs counting steps toward dangling carrots don't add
Said Bbaby, that is no way to live
Showed me that carrot on a string but just a little too late
The bite from the taste and the smell of the sick
Something's up
Something's on my mind
I try to go to sleep
I try to pass the time
What gives you the right
To kill a harmless carrot
Growing in
the same as you
Question marks stretched across her skin
She dangles carrots, makes you feel embarrassed
To be the fool you know you are

She'll do
She looks the same as you 
With question-marks stretched across her skin 

She dangles carrots 
Makes you feel embarrassed 
To be the fool you know
Dried up and solitary
Alkali on the range

Carrots where her eyes were bright
Orange where she'd blush
Brussel sprout conditioned fists
Or watch the carrot plane land on the runway
In vegetable town
In vegetable town

Won't you walk me down to vegetable town [Repeat: x 2]

To vegetable
to try some carrot cake and wine
Can't I try, taste my carrot cake and wine

Looking good, not looking back
Knight of hers took her off to dance
I get
carrots still
And Suzy says she's missing me
So I'm missing Oregon Hill

A river to the south
To wash away all sins
A college to the east of us
Cigarettes and carrot juice
Marijuana and lots of booze
I threw the flower of youth into that stew
The serpent tongues were red and pointy
I find it hard to talk
With a black ball in my mouth
Impossible to fart
With a carrot up my ass
My neighbours think I'm weird
I do agree
When you were young
You were the king of carrot flowers
And how you built a tower tumbling through the trees
In holy rattlesnakes that fell all
a jukebox of steel

A still life with a bottle, a newspaper and a glass
The carrot dangles and the dance goes on, the bitters circle the drain
How about getting off of these antibiotics
How about stopping eating when I'm filled up
How about them transparent dangling carrots
How about that
Gonna get my pile of stone
Gonna my loud loud gong
Gonna get my men into rows
You better cover dem toes

Big carrot throne
Let them take a load
and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white Snowman
With the carrot nose and charcoal eyes
And oh when he cries I'm gonna
It's just a mock song...

Gas, Thirsty, Rattle, Tick - A bone to pick
Fountain, Egg, Treason, Cave - Will you dance on grave?
Throat, Carrot

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