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Passion and soul together
Deceiving my brain and I fall
But soon they will fade delighted by something else
And now I rewind, one more time

Waiting for
are living a dream
Sharing a love we have hungered for
Let your passion soar like music
In the spell of Bolero de Amor
The drums carried us away
adore, this passion girl that I was looking for.

Somehow here we are standing i the rain again, 
If we could only run away, take this train to better
the tar-pit
It's strange, like chemical drips down Aspirin lane
Tobacco and Shane, me and Mary-Jane
We all got a clutch that can shift us to want
We are DMF's
Breaking you down, jumping you in
Down motherfuckers
We live by a code, to live in the pit
DMF's branding the rules
We'll step your
by your voice
To be devoured by your eyes
I must gather up my senses
I must rally the full force
Put away this misery and madness from my soul
head, then lifted again as the four Martians carried away the debris of their fallen comrade, and I realized that by a miracle, I had escaped.
Lazy dreamers on a winter's night
Making plans of the spring?
Paint a picture while I put away my clothes

Crooked corpse is standing side by side
Once carried through the current, and being swept away
The king is in his closet, he's hiding from today
And though he owns all fortunes, this room
A lot of y'all niggas is 85th, on some shady shit 
Bark is much worse than your bite like a baby pit 
In the pitch dark of the night you's afraid to get
of a passion night
He promised Merlin his loved son
Blinded by desire

God save Camelot's king Excalibur
God save Camelot's king Excalibur

Thousand of haunting
nominee MC's stuck to my hatchet 

Drastic, indescribable pain, I injure bars 

While, Bobby's throwin razor CD's like ninja stars 

Now who you know leave the scene
Messier than canvas's by Jackson Pollock
Throwing multicolored thoughts at a rapid pace
I make a mess you dissect
(Ohhhh, yeah yeah yeah yeah)

You can turn your back and then walk away
(You can turn your back and then walk away)
Soon be comin
airplay I'm dissin' you
I'm a hair away from getting carried away and getting sued
I was gonna stop at sixteen, that was thirty-two
This is thirty-four
was discovered by Grand Wizard Theodore

July 1980 hip-hop's first national news story and on ABC
In 82 came the cd in 83 Ad the the Technics
SL 100 MK2
*Na's are carried out by back up after Corey starts singing Na na.
We pack up our gear
And we're gone again
Driven by passion, outward
Away from family and friends
But what they can't see
Is that every day I'm
[Verse 1]
I'm hot enough to make your skin bubble
Packin a Smith & Wesson
Uh oh, trouble, don't say nothin
You can tell that I'm evil
on sober
Real recognize real, and the fake gone fade away
Use to selling drugs to get that pay, but god done mad a way
For me to stack my ends, my paper, my
Minuets turned to hours
Motivated by the money
A passion for the power
Cowards talked very seldom acted
Bitches with nothing
To do but hate on staks shit
once carried; do away with all the rest.
I tore the sickness from your bodies; smashed its head against the bricks.
I made a castle from its bones that
had the grain of human skin
And seized with curiosity she stole this book away

And now she sat alone in the concealment of the night
She was hungry now
try to chase me (Ha-ha)
What are you, pit, rott, mixed?
Or you just got fixed, well, shit, then, let's lip-lock
If not then, chicks, piss off, you

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