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Czasem jestem trap trapin'
Czasem mot mot motofukkin'
Pije czystą a ty mieszaj kundel soczek Cappy
To jest rap suko nie fabryka wafli
Czasem jestem
Uh, yeah
Uh Uh Uh, yeah

Aye, yeah i'm getting these bills and i'm stacking up the racks
You know Cappy's on the beat that's why it
and dirty and his skin was colored black
He said my name is Cappy and before this ride is through
You'll understand the story of just what this train can do
I had a green scooter
His name was Cappy
His big nose sat below a red cap
He was my favorite friend even though I was like 5
So 3, 2, 1 riding down
close my eyes I see your face

You're laughing, you're dancing, singing for me
Miss my baby girl
Miss my baby girl
You're crying, laid Cappy next
bout that money
No Cappy (No cappy)
I said
Nigga I'm a thot
I need that action (I'm a thot bitch)
Got to turn up on them fools
I got that Rachet (Got
you niggas no Grand Papi
I done switched it now from my sap-sappy
No McD’s make the bag happy
Said I’m telling the truth no cap-cappy
I’m leveling up

Nah don't try to dad cap me

If they was my Sons I'd tell em do some shit they'll never do
You a man but splittin profits 
For the man dat made
the tec
It ain’t jammin for shit
We outchea blammin lil bitch
Been getting money for a minute
You just living off yo daddy
Half a million off of cappy
just relax though

He do anything for me
I call that true romance tho
Calling my boy Cappy!
Miss your voice, let’s make a track bro

You looking
Cappy tief habe Kugeln für die enemys
Immer Full in Nike Full Full in Nike ja
Wollen Beef bin im Modus digga C’est la vie
Immer Full in Nike Full Full in
aye (Chevster)
I’m happy
No cappy
No cappin’
I’m nappy
I rappy
I snappy
She callin’ me daddy
You boring like khaki
Switchin’ the flow
Switchin’ the flow
rappers always got they cappies on
My bitch in a jeep she's a ruff rider
How they tryna beef through them type writers
Man I keep a pole so I ain't gotta
deine scheiß Glatze anschaut
Denkst, du bist ganz schlau?
Ohne Cappy sieht dein Eierkopf wie ein Schwanz aus
Du Hans glaubst wirklich, du bist jetzt
Ain't that a shame
Ain't that a shame
Ain't that a shame
She lost a helping hand

Her next door neighbor O' Cappy
He seems to be very happy
He can
Ain't that a shame?
Ain't that a shame?
Ain't that a shame
She lost a helping hand?

Her next door neighbor O'Cappy
He seems to be very happy
Ain't that a shame!
Ain't that a shame!
Ain't that a shame
She lost a helping hand

Her next door neighbor O'Cappy
He seems to be very happy
He can
200 pounder club
Co-cappy dub (whoahhhoahhh)
I came back to rep my city
Nigga, I took the key from Diddy
Def Squad's the committee, I rock for
Setz das Cappy auf (Ja)
Trink mein Spezi aus (Ja)
Geh zur Tante Emma
Komm erst in der früh nach Haus (Um 8)

IBK 6020
Alle meine Freunde sind viel
quiet time
Cappy Dick nor Jesus Christ
Could not help my fate

But I'm underneath a gun
I'm singing about my past
Had myself a wonderful thing
Robert Wace
Wie Danny Krueger
Born to race
Sprichst du mal wieder mit der Mailbox
Im Club happy sale shots
Angemacht von cappy male bots
Motz und es hagelt
Immer lächelnd Deine Cappy
Heute kein Kontakt
Meine Schmerzen sie sind endlessly

Brauche nicht zu reden
Denn ich weiß schon was ich brauch
No hoes
And I'll still be happy like a cappy chasing success
You can ignore me if you want bitch
No stress I'm dope yes so blessed highly focused
specifically make me happy
Critically to be Cappy
Keep her and defend my tally
Make me come alive
She nuh sappy
My girl got a vybe
Sauce like apple pie
No lie

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