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you'll die dancin'
Dark, gliding shapes that violate every law of nature
Buy 'em or die a thousand deaths

2 Live Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, boyz
flows wit two by fo's wit sand paper 
Now what is a MC if he can't flow 
Up next is E-Swift and my name is J-Ro 

We don't give a fuck if you down wit
the day I die!

(2 Live Crew) (They're back!)
(2-2 Live Crew) (Say-whut-say-whut?)
(2 Live Crew) (They're-back-they're-back!)
(2 Live Crew
(What's the subject?)
The Shwingalo, hot damn
(Is Posdnuos gonna start?)
I am, I am
(And by the order of Shwing on hand)
I present to you
meet your fate
I'm with Carlito's Way, rollin with the real
Protected to infinity in a security shield

Chorus: (2x)
I want it all
Surrounded by techs
Said a Brinks is coming through, at Fashion Avenue
At Tuesday at two, now we gotta form a crew
Of motherfuckers, who ain't going out like suckers
(What's the subject?)
The Shwingalo, hot damn
(Is Posdnuos gonna start?)
I am, I am
(And by the order of Shwing on hand)
I present to you
chillin and
Front on this and get dissed, motherfucker
Me and my crew, me and my crew we be chillin and
Front on this and get dissed

Ah one two

Sittin' in' the livin' room on the floor
All the pain got me on some migraine shit
But I'm gonna maintain
Nigga got 2 or 3 dollars to my name
And my
from town 
Papa was a driller on a wildcat crew and my mama never was around 
I learn to cuss when I was two and fight when I was three 
And by
slang I use 
breakin' down mics 
and destroyin' crews. 

1-2-1-2 unhh............ 1-2-1-2 mic check 1-2-1-2
1-2-1-2 unhh............ 1-2-1-2 mic
the hoopty then I started racing
Turned off the lights a block away so he don't peep the caper
I see him and a bunch of cats by the bodega
Don't wanna kill

[Part Two: Candidate]

I'll make you a deal, like any other candidate
We'll pretend we're walking home 'cause your future's at stake
My set
Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x)

Sam: (Dre)
I remember days on the blocks where I slang slung played punk cops
and mad props cause I ran
Rap Meyer Lansky crash your fantasy
Getting high fellas stand by, here's the plan, see
Sit back collecting Tecs and checks and
Blowing slow in a Montero
Got word back from Noreaga
The D.A. got video cassette taper
The God with the God-you-Now, pulling a caper
Running up in the spot, mask and duct taped
Check it out y'all
Ch-ch-check it out y'all
Two, two Live Crew 
Two Li, two Li, two Li, two Live Crew
Fresh, fresh, fresh Kid Ice
Tre-treach Dee

Microphone check, one two one two 
Shouts to the East and the West coast crew 
Whatever you do, keep this hip-hop shit true 
{"That's all I
When I go to war, I dun them
Could be this crew or that crew, I dun them
Could've joined that friend up, I will dun them
Out of town, that's where
gun books never did one juke 
And the crew had one crook 

(Sonja Blade)
Son, look before you split the Dutch
I get you touched by everything you
the God-you-Now, pullin' a caper 
Runnin' up in the spot, mask and duct taped up 
Pig tied they motherf***in wrists to they ankles 

I been through, crime s***
Aiyyo what's goin on it's Ahmad on the microphone
Bout to tell y'all about the Palladium
Me and my boys, the Joneses crew in the house
Kick it
better than all the other MCs out there


How can this be?
I finally see
That it was me who had the ego
Please don't hold
Out in an English harbor waits an old but rugged ship 
Waiting for a crew of men so she can make her trip 
Out searching was the best gang that
Yeah, check it
Yo yeah I smoke weed now I don't give a fuck
And I also tote guns in case my dram pop up
It's crew love I spit two at every few

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