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They can't arrest him, they cannot stop him
Cause even in jail the bail unlocks him
So here is the deal, and here is the facts
If you ever wonder why
through the hour glass
Can't stop the hands
Try and watch the hours pass
You by like you standing still
I smoke - I fuck - I kill these pop stars
to Outkast, Goodie Mob, yeah
Backbone, where you at brother?
Hey, alright
It's been easy now, yeah
Can't nobody stop me now?
No, sir, yeah, I'm gone, y'all
And stop the coke from comin' across the waters
But y'all can't stop the slaughters

Or the people from starvin'
The guns is not standin' still, they
on HIM enough, ask me
The flow nasty like Flint water in cups, easy

It’s Grand Skeena, GOD’S 9 Millimeter
LIVING WATER by the river come and get